4 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Yoga

posted: 02/15/17
by: Blythe Copeland

1. Cosmic Kids

Free yoga videos from Cosmic Kids are a lifesaver on snow days, afternoons when your preschooler decides she doesn't need a nap, or when you're looking for a beginner yoga routine to do together. Bright backgrounds and fun stories keep kids interested, and the varying lengths -- from just a few minutes to about half an hour -- let you find one that occupies the kids while you're making dinner or quickly changing the baby's diaper. Older kids can recreate the plots of Star Wars, Frozen, or Harry Potter through a series of poses, too.

Goodnight Yoga

2. Goodnight Yoga

Making a simple yoga routine part of your kids bedtime schedule can help even the most energetic little ones calm down, relax their busy minds, and get out those last few wiggles before getting tucked in. Goodnight Yoga by Miriam Gates is a bedtime story told through a variety of simple poses -- ladybug, cat, cloud, bird, sun -- designed to give kids a better night's sleep. Pair it with Good Morning Yoga for an early morning activity that lets you all start your day with a few minutes of focused movement and stretching.

Yoga Pretzels

3. Yoga Pretzels

Mix up your kids' yoga practice with a set of Yoga Pretzels cards, a 50-piece deck of oversized cards with instructions for poses, games, and breathing techniques. Beginners can follow along with multiple illustrations on each card that show the correct movements, while more experienced families can shuffle the cards to make sure the routine is never the same twice.

4. Yoga for Kids

If your kids are old enough -- and interested enough -- to participate in a full yoga class, then signing them up for sessions at a kids-only studio (or for kid-focused classes at your own favorite yoga spot) allows them to practice with other children their age. The next best thing: A 30-minute Yoga for Kids video class, where your own budding yogis can follow along with other students when you can't get out to the studio.