3-Year-Old Girl’s Love for Makeup is Sparking Major Controversy

posted: 01/05/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Many of us can remember being a little girl and playing with our older sister or mom's makeup. You might even remember getting fun makeup sets to play with. Young Liriana Dilan has received a lot of attention for her passion. This talented 3-year-old has an Instagram and Youtube channel dedicated to sharing makeup tutorials with her followers. Her ability to apply flawless makeup is better than most adults! This young girl has a true artistic talent and definitely found her calling.

This young girl, however, has sparked a lot of controversy with people who have seen her videos. On one hand people say that this little girl is simply playing with makeup the same way kids play with toys. Many of us girls used to do it because it was fun! But on the other spectrum people are appalled by a girl her age putting these toxic makeup products on her face that could cause skin issues in the future. Haters have also attacked her parents saying that this is a poor hobby to allow your daughter to embark on. Some commenters have even said they can sense the poor parenting in each video.

Liriana's mother, Suella, recently responded to the hate that her and her daughter have been receiving. "My daughter does not wake up and put makeup on. She just loves to play with it from time to time and I have no problem allowing her to do it because we've all done it," she said. "I started to record her doing her makeup for my family so when I was reading people's comments saying I'm trying to sell her or taking away her innocence or making her not love herself without makeup, I was baffled. I don't think any mother would bring that negativity to their child; this is all for fun."

Suella proved that this is not an everyday occurrence, but rather a fun activity that her daughter loves! We should acknowledge that a girl this young, has a passion this strong. Whether it's makeup or fun new hairstyles, it is important to let our children explore the things that they are interested in. Let us know what you think in the comments section or on Twitter @TLCmeNow!