3 Ways To Stay Hydrated Besides Drinking Water

posted: 07/08/16
by: Ashley Lauretta

Summer is in full swing and with the increase in vacation days comes an increase in heat exposure. This leads to sunburns, sweat and dehydration. If you are looking for ways to stay hydrated, obviously drinking more water should be at the top of your list. But did you know that there are other ways to up your fluid intake?


"Staying hydrated is critical to not only keeping your bodies heating/cooling system operating efficiently, but also for aiding digestion, circulation, absorption and excretion of wastes and toxins," explains Marci Clow, MS, RD, and Senior Nutritionist at Rainbow Light. "Plain old water regularly consumed throughout the day is the best way to stay hydrated, but if you're not a big water drinker there are lots of other options for quenching thirst and preventing dehydration."

Here are three ways you can stay hydrated without having to gulp down yet another glass of water.

Eat a salad.

You read that right. There is a long list of fruits and vegetables that actually contain a high percentage of water! Cucumbers, for example, are over 95 percent water! Other fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots and watermelon are packed with water, as well. So whether you make a fruit salad or simply throw some extra veggies on top of your greens, you can up your water intake while you eat.

Drink tea instead of coffee.

Before grabbing that second cup of coffee tomorrow, check if you have any tea in the house, instead. Preferably, it should be low in caffeine. Why? Because caffeine has long been found to increase urination. "Both black and green tea are loaded with antioxidants and can contribute to hydration needs served either hot or cold," shares Clow. "Herbal tea is also a good option if you'd rather stay away from caffeine."

Get out your blender.

Remember the part about consuming fruits and veggies that are high in water? When you are sick of salads, throw it all in a blender! Smoothies and soups are a great way to take advantage of that high water percentage and get creative in the kitchen. Make your own soups--adding broths is another way to get creative with liquids--or see what smoothie concoctions you can create. Bonus? Your family will appreciate the switch up from salads.