3 Ways To Sneak In A Workout With Your New Baby

posted: 07/28/16
by: Ashley Lauretta
baby exercise

New moms hardly have time to shower and sleep, let alone head to the gym or spend the morning in Crow Pose and Savasana. Exercise isn't the top priority--and that's the way it should be--but having a little one doesn't mean you have to completely stop fitting a strength move here or there into your day.

You just have to get creative.

"Change the way you view a 'workout;' exercise will be different now that there are kids in the mix," shares Tatum Rebelle, who specializes in pre and postnatal fitness and is the owner of Total Mommy Fitness. "if you wait until you can get back to your old routine, you will be waiting forever."

Over the years, Rebelle has helped her clients appreciate the little moments they can fit some strength moves into their day. It is all about becoming aware of opportunities and not letting them pass by. Exercise is a great stress reliever--which new mothers may find they need in-between the endless cries and diaper changes--and can help give you an extra boost of energy when you need it.

Here are three ways Rebelle suggests sneaking in a workout as a new mom.

Include The Baby
"Tummy time for baby can be plank time for mom," suggests Rebelle. "Or, try kneeling pushups to kiss your baby's forehead." It isn't a full body strength circuit, but these little moves done over time can make a big difference. Rebelle also suggests trying yoga hip bridges. "It is great for your glutes," she notes, "and also a great obstacle for kids learning to crawl and stand."

Wait Until The Baby Is Sleeping
We promise, the baby will sleep! Taking advantage of this time can add up to a well-rounded
routine. "Even five minutes of exercise before the baby wakes up, five minutes each time the baby goes down for a nap and five minutes at bedtime will add up to at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day," explains Rebelle. "That is all anyone needs to stay healthy and fit."

Make Everything A Workout!
Remember that part about being creative? This is where that really comes into play. "When feeding, you can do deep breathing exercises that rehab the core muscles," shares Rebelle. "When holding or calming the baby in your arms, instead of little bounces and sways, why no squat or lunge?" She even suggests a little baby-press overhead or walking lunges. Taking the baby around the block in a stroller? Power walking time it is!