3 Times Taylor Swift Had Wise Words for Young Girls

posted: 03/01/16
by: Ashley Lauretta

At 26, Taylor Swift still may look like a young girl herself, but time and time again she proves that she is wise beyond her years.

Growing up in the spotlight--she signed her first record deal at the age of 14--she has learned grace, poise and how to immediately bring a crowd to its feet with just a guitar and her voice. She shares her experiences in her songs and, at times, in interviews and acceptance speeches. Sure, she's not perfect, but we also hope that she shows our daughters what it means to be smart, savvy, and strong.

Fiercely dedicated to her fans, Swift continually proves she is a great role model for women of all ages. Here are just a few times she has bestowed some wise words to young girls everywhere.

While Winning Album of the Year at The Grammys 2016

Swift may have used her message as a way to show Kanye West she can shake it off, but her message is one that everyone should remember.

When Responding to a Fan on Instagram

TSwift 1

Swift shows that no matter where you are in life, people will try to cut you down. All you can do is unapologetically be yourself. "Every time someone picks on me, I'll think of you in the hopes that every time someone picks on you, you'll think of me... and how we have this thread that connects us."

While Giving Fans the Perfect Swiftmas

TSwift 2

Early last year, Swift surprised some of her biggest fans with special packages full of gifts, photos and personalized letters. To one fan, she wrote, "I'm not a good painter but I think you're so beautiful and positive, even though you're dealing with the stress life brings, so I wanted to make you something." Helping girls everywhere know that staying strong through hardship has its rewards.