3 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Wedding

posted: 07/06/15
by: Mara Betsch

Last September "Little People, Big World" star Jeremy Roloff married Audrey Botti in a beautiful ceremony at the Roloff's Oregon farm. Now, in a follow-up special, Audrey and Jeremy share some never-seen-before footage and insider secrets about their big day. Though the wedding went off without a hitch, Audrey and Jeremy claim that there were plenty of minor mistakes and unexpected challenges throughout the wedding planning process and up until the second they walked down the aisle. Below are details you might not know -- watch Tuesday at 9/8c to learn even more!

It wasn't love at first sight

You wouldn't believe it from the incredible chemistry they have, but the couple didn't initially feel sparks. Though they were attracted to each other, neither of them knew how serious it would become. They dated for a few months while they were both home during the summer, and when they were heading back to school, they decided to try to date long-distance. But it wasn't always smooth sailing -- Audrey broke up with Jeremy once, claiming she was scared of how fast she was falling for him. Of course, they quickly got back together when Jeremy surprised her at her birthday party.

They completely reconfigured the farm

When Audrey and Jeremy decided to get married on the farm, Jeremy and Matt came up with a plan that involved completely changing the setup of the farm. Not only did they move and paint the mini church, but they also got rid of the iconic white fence, flag pole and several trees to make Jeremy and Matt's vision come to life. With just five and a half months to get the farm ready to go, they were still planting grass and tweaking the design up until the big day.

In fact, the couple customized everything, including Audrey's wedding dress.

They had cobbler instead of cake, Audrey created unique vintage/rustic wedding decor and Jeremy bought a custom-made suit. When faced with the difficult decision of picking a wedding gown, Audrey opted to build her own. She bought a dress she loved from a pre-owned wedding dress website, cut out the back, created a sweetheart neckline, and added tons of lace and tulle. The bridesmaids' dresses were special, too, all made from patterned vintage bedsheets.