3 Memorable Moments from the Gardners’ Visit to the NICU

posted: 08/10/17
by: Emily Livermore

This week, Ashley and Tyson on TLC's Rattled brought the Quads to the place where their stories began - the NICU. After the 4 girls were born, they had to spend weeks in the hospital getting stronger and healthier. Now they're 2 years old! Visiting the NICU brought up lots of old memories for Ashley and Tyson. Here are 3 highlights from their day:


Dr. Minton was the one that saw Ashley's pregnancy through from start to finish. He was a huge part of getting the girls happy and healthy in the first several weeks of their lives. In fact, after they were born, he saw them every day for over 20 days in a row! This week, the whole Gardner family got to see him again. And, since he has a grandbaby of his own on the way, they gave him a few baby blankets as gifts.


Dr. Minton was not the only familiar face they got to see at the NICU. A lot of the nurses and other doctors that helped the Quads happened to be working when the Gardners stopped by. It was incredibly special for everyone to see how well the girls are doing now, 2 years later. And, to see how Ashley and Tyson have grown as parents.


After the visit, the girls were pretty worn out. But not too tired for lunch! Ashley and Tyson felt the trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at their favorite restaurant near the NICU. Not only do they love the food, but they know and love the staff! Once the girls finally settled down enough to enjoy some of the good food, Ashley and Tyson got to admire the beautiful children they are so lucky to have.

Ashley and Tyson got nostalgic when they went back to the place where it all began, and so did we! Take a look back at these photos from Rattled Season 1, when the Quads were newborns in the NICU.

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Ashley and Tyson

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