17 Things That Should Be in Every New Mom’s Wardrobe

posted: 01/26/16
by: Jess Zaino

It's awards season! Between the Golden Globes, Grammys, and Oscars, the biggest stars in the world - Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez - will be walking red carpets, dressed to the nines in incredible gowns that cost thousands of dollars and take months to make.

Once upon a time, as a sought-after stylist, it was me who found these pieces and dressed these women. But not today. At the last red carpet event I worked, I wore a pilling poncho that I got at the Gap over four years ago over a Liz Lange black maternity dress! Mind you, I am not pregnant. When it was time to take the annual crew picture, I hid in the bathroom embarrassed that I was unable to pull something more appropriate together and that it would be captured forever in a photo. Such is a gal's dilemma with fashion post-pregnancy, right? Here's a photo of my gorgeous getup:


Like plenty of new moms, I'm 7 months out and still wearing black leggings with everything. I'm trying to be a bit savvy on top, so on a day that I have meetings, I may wear a structured blazer over a tunic blouse with black leggings. Or a denim button-up with black leggings. Or a cardigan over a tee over black leggings. And I've had to expand my black legging choices as well to include faux-leather, tuxedo stripe and different colors (but who am I kidding, it always goes back to black). So, if you're feeling lost in your fashion choices or if things are not fitting like the size 6 sex vixen you were prior to pregnancy, here is a shopping list I've thought long and hard about for postpartum go-to items:

Did I miss anything?