15 Reasons You Need To Watch The ‘Stacy Revealed’ Special

posted: 08/27/15
by: TLCme
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Trust us when we say that you will NOT want to miss the Love, Lust or Run: Stacy Revealed Special airing TONIGHT 9/8c! And in case you're not already convinced, here are 15 reasons why you'll be kicking yourself if you don't tune in!

1. You'll get to meet Big Al! He's the main man in Stacy's life who has some serious cattitude.

2. You'll get to meet Stacy's personal chef and learn how to whip up her favorite dish.

3. You'll learn all about Stacy's guilty pleasures and quirky obsessions.

4. You'll find out why the Love, Lust or Run crew loves her so much.

5. You'll meet Stacy's awesome parents!

6. You'll find out what it's like to spend time with Stacy off-camera.

7. You'll get to meet some of Stacy's celebrity friends.

8. You'll find out what Stacy's favorite indulgences are.

9. You'll get to take a tour of her closet and see some of her most treasured pieces!

10. You'll see what really goes on behind the scenes of Love, Lust or Run.

11. You'll meet the dream team that helps Stacy get camera-ready.

12. You'll find out what it truly takes to put together a Stacy London approved outfit.

13. You'll hear, straight from Stacy, how she got to the incredible place where she is today.

14. You'll see that even without all the glitz and glam Stacy truly is comfortable with herself, and beautiful both inside and out.

15. You'll get to ask Stacy questions in a LIVE Q&A TONIGHT on the Love, Lust or Run Facebook Page and possibly see them answered on-air during the episode!
Stacy London Live Q&A
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