15 Playhouses That Are Nicer Than Most Homes

posted: 08/30/16
by: Rebecca Goldberg

After virtually exploring the Curry's dream playhouse built in Playhouse Masters, we found ourselves mildly obsessed with these tiny dreamlike escapes. Check out these 15 incredible creations that have us saying #PlayhouseGoals.
This playhouse that we legit want to move into

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This playhouse that gives us a 'weekend away at the cabin' feel

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This playhouse/cafe that probably put all the neighborhood lemonade stands out of business

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This minimalist playhouse that could totes be for an adult

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This playhouse that has its own private garden

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This playhouse that is actually perfect

This playhouse with a patio big enough for the whole family

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This playhouse that'll never leave ya feeling empty

This playhouse that we'd actually rent for summer vacuum

This playhouse that's hidden away in the forest

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This playhouse that is so cute it had us whining "it's just not fair!"

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This playhouse that is absolutely the epitome of #PlayhouseGoals

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These neighboring playhouses for your whole squad

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This playhouse so adorable that we can't even

This playhouse that we'd actually like as our real house