14 Sweet Ways to Make Your Kids Feel Loved as You Countdown to Valentine’s Day

posted: 01/26/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Little girl making valentine’s cookie


Make Valentine's Day a little sweeter for your kids by starting a countdown of love. When the calendar turns to February 1st, try a few of these simple and sweet gestures, crafts, and treats to make your kids feel extra special and extra loved on the Sweetest day and month of the year.

  1. Love notes- Every day leading up to Valentine's Day leave a short and sweet love note on your child's door. From "I love how you make us all laugh" to "I love how you help Mom and Dad around the house," 14 short love notes will not only make your kids smile each morning but we bet you'll love writing them too.
  2. Heart shaped breakfast- Instead of just making pancakes or waffles for breakfast, break out a heart shaped cookie cutter and present your kids with a heart shaped breakfast. Fruit like watermelon or apple slices are easy to cut into hearts, too.
  3. Cupid's Donuts- Turn store bought donuts holes into a sweet and easy Valentine's Day treat. Get the directions right here!
  4. Yummy Love Bug- Send in a love bug snack that you whip up from a fruit cup. Your kids will love finding this cute and yummy snack in their lunchbox. Get the directions right here!
  5. One-On-One Date Night- Plan a special day or evening with each of your children separately. Maybe it's lunch and a movie or dinner and an adventure with just you. This is a sweet date everyone will love.
  6. Hearts Everywhere- Grab a few packs of paper cut-out hearts from the dollar store and before your kids wake up, cover their bedroom in hearts. Imagine your kids' faces when they wake up to this sweet surprise.
  7. Make Them Special Valentine's Cards- You love homemade cards and your kids will too. Break out the construction paper and make a Valentine's Day card that is waiting for them when they get home from school.
  8. Build a "love shack"- Gingerbread houses aren't just for the holidays. Make a "love shack" with icing, graham crackers and leftover candy.
  9. DIY a few decorations- You don't need to spend a lot of money on making decorations with your kids. Turn a deck of cards into garland or make a few candles with candy.
  10. Banana Love- If you use a knife or fork to write a secret message on a banana, by lunch time the message will turn brown and your kids will see your love note.
  11. Share the love- With your kids, make Valentine cards for friends and family.
  12. Get Cooking- Make their favorite dinner and surprise them with the meqal
  13. Let the Choose- Let your child pick their favorite activity and say yes when they ask you to join in on the fun.
  14. Valentine's Day Duds- Make or buy them fun and festive shirts for Valentine's Day. Print an image on iron-on paper to make a one of a kind shirt for your little ones.