137 Ways to Pamper Yourself, Lift Your Spirits or Recharge Your Life

posted: 04/14/15
by: Katie Morton
137 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Is your tension helmet screwed on too tightly? Are your cranky pants giving you a wedgie? Perhaps you need a distraction or you want to beat a craving. Maybe you need a big life change. Or maybe you just need a nap.

Whether you're looking for a boost to soldier through a tough day, pampering on your downtime or a thrilling life experience, this list has you covered. The next time you feel a tinge of boredom, frustration or melancholy creeping in, fight it fast by using this mood-proofing menu of sadness busters.


1. Smile

2. Forgive

3. Email a friend

4. Phone a friend

5. Mail a postcard or letter

6. Host an in-home movie night

7. Host a cocktail party or a dinner party

8. Schedule a coffee, lunch or dinner with a close friend to talk and laugh


9. Candles

10. Perfume

11. Essential Oils

12. Baking smells, like vanilla

13. Flowers: lavender is soothing

14. Herbal smells: my favorites are basil and mint

15. Anything that smells good to you

16. Visit an aquarium (or a pet store that sells fish)

17. Take a bath

18. Soak in a Jacuzzi

19. Wade in a stream

20. Take a swim in a pool

21. Allow your inner child to splash in a puddle

22. Swim in a pond, lake, the ocean or bay; or just admire the view and enjoy the sounds of the water, the birds or the crickets


23. Sex

24. Hugs

25. Cuddles

26. Scalp Massage

27. Hand Massage

28. Foot Massage

29. Back rub or scratch

30. Trade full body massages with a partner

Spa or at-Home Treatments

31. Pedicure

32. Manicure

33. Facial or masque

34. Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub or loofah

35. Lotion up your body (or just your arms and legs)

36. Rub a delicious-smelling lotion into your hands and cuticles


37. Chocolate

38. Fresh fruit

39. Try a new recipe

40. Attend a wine tasting

Outdoor Rest and Relaxation

41. Watch the sunrise

42. Sit on the beach and listen to the ocean

43. Sit in a lounge chair and feel the sunshine

44. Take a scenic drive

45. Have a picnic

46. Go horseback riding

47. Watch the sunset

Indoor Rest and Relaxation

48. Go to bed early

49. Sleep in

50. Nap

51. Read in bed

52. Flip through a magazine or catalogue

53. Lie down on the couch or floor

54. Fall into an easy chair

55. Meditate

56. Write in a diary or journal

Savor a Warm Beverage

57. Coffee, espresso latte or cappuccino

58. Hot chocolate

59. Black or Green Tea

60. Herbal Tea

61. Fruit Tea

62. Hot water with lemon

63. Hot Toddy

Get Physical

64. Stroll

65. Nature Walk

66. Hike

67. Run

68. Bike

69. Swim

70. Dance

71. Practice Gymnastics

Thrill Seek

72. Ride a rollercoaster

73. Skydive

74. Learn to pilot a plane

75. Rock Climb, either indoor or outdoor

76. Mountain Climb

77. Bungee Jump

78. Take a Parkour lesson


79. Read a Book

80. Explore a bookstore or library

81. Join a book club

82. Read to disadvantaged youths


83. Watch a new TV show or movie

84. Surf the Internet

85. Get tickets to see a comedy show

86. Watch a play

87. Act in a play

88. Go to the movie theater


89. Listen to music

90. Sing to yourself in the shower, your car or the living room

91. Sing to someone else

92. Join a singing group or chorus

93. Perform with a group in a concert

94. Get tickets to go see a concert

Warm or Cold

95. Put on a cozy sweater

96. Wrap up in a warm blanket

97. Wear fuzzy socks

98. Stand in front of an AC vent

99. Suck on ice cubes

100. Drink a cold beverage

101. Get naked

Give Yourself a Makeover

102. Look through magazines for a new hairstyle

103. Look at YouTube videos for amazing hair and make-up tips

104. Get a department store make-up counter makeover

105. Make a free appointment with a personal shopper at a department store

106. Go dressy for a day

107. Go casual for a change if you normally go dressy

108. Plan your outfits for a week and sample new looks: classy / funky / romantic / chic / rockstar / bohemian / preppy

109. Add jewelry and accessories to basic jeans and a tee for an easy, polished look


110. Take a cooking class

111. Learn martial arts or self defense

112. Learn an instrument

113. Learn a new language

114. Learn to paint, draw or sculpt

115. Learn photography skills

116. Save money by volunteering to assist the instructor of a class you want to take

Eye Candy

117. Create a "look book" by collecting inspiring photos for a goal or project

118. Surf pinterest or start your own virtual pinboard on pinterest

119. Go to an art museum or gallery

120. Buy or pick a bouquet of flowers


121. Tidy up

122. Frame a photo

123. Rearrange a room

124. Buy a potted plant

125. Hang some new art work

126. Buy colorful throw pillows

127. Hire a professional organizer

128. Buy a new piece of furniture

129. Get rid of an old piece of furniture

130. Declutter or simplify a shelf, desk or table

131. Do a spring cleaning to refresh your abode and clear out the rubbish

132. If you really want to be pampered, then hire someone else to do a spring cleaning


133. Take a road trip

134. Explore a new city

135. Become a tourist in your own city

136. Book a tropical vacation

137. Armchair travel by learning about an exotic or historic locale

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