13 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Wax Paper

posted: 06/16/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    So Many Uses

    I've had the same box of wax paper sitting in my pantry forever. Sure, I'd use it for a little cooking prep and even a few crafts for the kids, as most people do. But it wasn't until I used the wax paper as a duster that I realized this pantry staple has a LOT to offer. From wine, to pets, to campfires, here are 13 ways you should be using wax paper.

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    Wine Corking Helper

    If you've ever tried to recork a bottle of wine, you know it can get a little tricky. Just wrap the cork with wax paper to make it easier to remove. This also helps prevent bits of broken cork swimming in your delicious wine (photo from One Good Thing By Jillee).

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    Makeshift Duster

    To cut down on dusting hard to reach places--think the top of your fridge or a book shelf--line the surface with wax paper. You can just replace the dust covered wax paper when cleaning(Image from This Old House).

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    Impromptu Funnel

    Need a funnel in the kitchen but can't find one? Roll up the wax paper and insert it into the neck of a bottle for an impromptu funnel. The wax keeps the paper stiff and helps cut down on messes (Photo from Jaybird Quilts).

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    Faucet Cleaner

    After cleaning your bathroom or kitchen, rub wax paper on the faucets to make the metal shine and to make them more resistant to future water spots. That means less cleaning in the future (Photo from Home Hacks)!

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    Shower Curtain Savior

    Does your shower curtain squeak or catch when you try moving it on the rod? Rub wax paper over the shower rod to make moving the shower curtain smoother and quieter.

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    Swiffer Replacement

    If you've run out of sheets for your Swifter, no need to run out to the store because wax paper will work in a pinch for grabbing dirt, dust, and animal hair (Photo from Curbly).

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    Clothing Protector

    If you're packing up precious clothing that you want to protect, wrapping it in wax paper will help keep out light and moisture that can fade and damage the clothing.

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    Kitchen Aid

    If you're making dinner and only have one cutting board, lay down wax paper when you cut meat so that you don't have to wash it before you cut other foods (Photo from Nama Bakery).

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    Prevent Spills

    Line the drawers of craft or work stations with wax paper to catch spills, dirt, and anything else that may end up in your work space (Photo from the Cookful).

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    Pet Hair Controller

    If your pet is shedding, giving them a quick rub down with wax paper. It helps remove a lot of the loose hair, and this is perfect tip before a bath or a trip to the groomers (Photo from One Good Thing by Jillee).

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    Zipper Fixer

    Zipper stuck or not going up and down easily on a coat, hoodie, or a pair of boots? Just rub wax paper on the zipper and zipping with be a breeze (Photo from Shareably).

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    Gardening Tool Cleaner

    Use wax paper to clean your gardening tools. It will remove all of the built up dirt and the wax helps prevent rust. (Image from This Old House)

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    Fire Starter

    If you're going camping this summer, take along bits of wax paper because it makes for a cheap and simple fire starter (Photo from Our Life in a Click).