12 Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

posted: 07/30/15
by: Olivia Frymark
wedding car

Limousines have always been one of the most popular, classy, and elegant forms of wedding transportation. But lately, we've been seeing a creative trend of different ways to move a bride and groom from the ceremony to the reception in style! From planes to horse-drawn carriages, take a look at some of the one-of-a-kind ways to get around on your big day.

1. A ski lift

2. A Vespa

3. A carriage

4. A trolley

5. A Cinderella carriage

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6. A helicopter

7. An old-fashioned taxi

8. A school bus

9. A golf cart

10. A boat

11. A VW van

12. A Tuk-tuk

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