12 Frightfully Fun Halloween Crafts to Make with the Kids

posted: 04/14/15
by: Brittany Walls
13 Frightfully Fun Halloween Crafts to Make with the Kids
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Make your house frightful while entertaining your kids.

Autumn has finally arrived. Although some stores may have their Christmas displays up, Halloween is the holiday that is on my mind -- and on my kids' minds.

The week after school started, my oldest asked, "Mom, can we start decorating for Halloween?" The answer caught in my throat as I thought of all the other things I was going to do now that he was back in school. But, I suppressed my, "What? It is too early," and instead set out to find a bunch of fun, new projects for us to work on together.

You can have so much fun with these glass eyes that Madigan Made. A few glass beads, printed clip art and glue make these creepy fake eyes that you can display anywhere you want to scare up some fun.

This project is even easier than glass bead magnets because you don't need to add the magnet (unless you want to turn these into creepy magnets, but a bowl of the non-magnetized version has plenty of scare factor already.)

Tuesdee, the genius creative over at Everyday is Crafting Day, made this magical floating ghost using gauze, laundry starch and a few other supplies.

I don't know about you, but I am definitely adding startch to the list for my next grocery store trip so I can make this project with my boys. Follow her detailed tutorial to scare the "boo" out of your friends.

Technically this re-purposed tissue box is a tattle monster: A place for kids to "tell on" their friends or siblings. But I think his crazy smile would fit right in at a Halloween party. Perhaps he could hold the favors? Or some wrapped candy?

If you want to replicate his speckled scariness, head on over to see Mariah's detailed tutorial on Giggles Galore and More.

Another bathroom staple gets a disguise: This time as an adorable pumpkin. This has to be the quickest and easiest craft to do with your kids. A roll of toilet paper, a square of fabric and some tissue paper is all it takes to make a beautiful decorator pumpkin.

When the holiday is over or no one has a "square to spare" (any other Seinfeld fans? Anyone?) you can unwrap the pumpkin and use the roll.

Bats, rats and spiders -- oh my! Making your own wall decor is actually easier than you would think. You can use black construction paper; purchase wall decal vinyl online; or use the scraps from a set you already have.

Download these free printable silhouettes and let your kids cut out a creepy critter -- or put them to work sketching their own. It's that easy!

Cute little hand prints on black canvas make these oh-my-gosh-I-want-to-squeeze-them ghost prints. A little black paint, white paint and some glitter are the basic supplies for ghosts that will also capture your pint-sized handprints.

Becky from The Crafting Chicks shows how she made these ghost prints with a friend. This has got to be one of the sweetest crafts a mom of two growing boys could do with her sons. Where are those kids of mine? I need to capture their hands this minute before they grow another inch!

A little Mod Podge, a little paper, and voila -- you can have these stylish pumpkins from Random Thoughts of a Supermom. If you put down a tarp on the table (and floor) this is definitely a craft that can be manageable even with a toddler.

Notice how I said "a toddler," singular. You know your limits, but I might have a decoupaged dog if I attempted this with three boys.

Just when you thought you'd seen all the wonderful projects you can make with paint chips, along comes Angela and her paint chip Halloween characters. This girl has some serious graphic creativity! Lucky for you she gives you the plans to make your own.

This project could be pre-cut by a parent ahead of time, so young children could glue the pieces together with direction. Then again, this project looks like so much fun it might be a "mommy-only" craft (with chocolate and some late-night guilty-pleasure television.)