12 Creative Holiday Cards to Make With Your Kids

posted: 12/02/15
by: Katie Morton

The holidays are upon us. Are you ready to send festive greetings to your loved ones in the form of holiday cards? If you're feeling crafty, start a new tradition and make your own homemade cards with your family.

The only limit to your hand-crafted cards is your imagination. Take a look at these unique ideas to get your creative wheels turning.

Take a deep breath, embrace the mess, and make it a family affair. With a small paintbrush, some direction, glue sticks, and cut-outs, even the littlest ones can get in on the card making fun. Remember: The goal here is family time, not a "perfect" project!

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Use an embosser to create elegant cards with custom letterprint. Don't be worried about skill level; an embosser can be a fairly easy tool for older kids.

Watercolor is an imperfect medium, therein lies its beauty. Harness your inner Monet and paint vibrant ornaments and evergreen accents for gallery-worthy (or at least, refrigerator-worthy!) cards. When working with watercolor, be sure to use watercolor stock card paper for the best results, since regular paper will get soggy.

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Penguins, craft paper and twine create a snowy scene. Some people prefer to send New Year's Cards after the hustle and bustle is over, and this artic palette would be perfect.

Printing out special address labels from the North Pole is a fun way to personalize mail to your far-away nieces and nephews. You can also print custom photo stamps to up the "WOW!" factor.

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Use magazine pictures to cut and paste a special collage card. If the kids are sending to grandparents or aunts or uncles, they can use a collage to create a one-of-a-kind card for each person.

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New addition to the family (or just a little kid with super cute feet)? Dip those adorable tootsies in non-toxic washable paint to create these "Mistletoe" cards, a sure-hit with grandparents!

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Thumbprint designs are another fun personal print idea sure to make everyone smile. You can use your--or your kids'--thumbprints to create reindeer, wreaths, or whatever design strikes your fancy. Again, be sure to use washable, non-toxic paint for this one.

If you have physical photo prints lying around the house, then consider a photo of your kids in a wreath border. Have your kids decorate the wreath border with markers and stickers to make it their own.

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This one may be a stretch if you don't have an artist in the family, but if you do, then a handmade family portrait (bonus if colored in by the kids!) will be a treasured keepsake.

Don't leave out Spot! A printed design of the family pet wearing antlers can be customized with the "other" kids' signatures--including paw prints.

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Sparkle ribbon and craft tags are simple, lovely, and sleek. Your older kids will have fun putting these together on their own, while your younger ones can do it with some help.

Find your inner artist these season and enjoy this special time to create unique cards--and lasting memories with your family.