12 Brilliant Holiday Storage Hacks

posted: 12/28/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Once all of the presents have been opened and the celebrations have come to an end, it's time to take down the holiday decorations. While putting up all of your holiday d?cor is pretty fun, taking it all down is not so fun. So make packing easier and unpacking easier too. From making sure your lights aren't tangled and your ornaments are in once piece, check out these holiday storage hacks.

To make sure all of your ornaments are safely stored until next year, start by cutting a large piece of cardboard to the size of a storage bin. Then hot glue plastic cups in rows on one side of the cardboard. Then place one ornament into each cup. Put your DIY ornament holder into a storage bin and repeat with another layer. The plastic cups not only keep your ornaments safe but allow you to put multiple layers into a storage bin.

If you have ornaments or decorations that are covered in glitters, store them in plastic bags so the glitter stays contained.

Egg cartons and apple containers are great for storing small ornaments, too.

Cut a slit in a small piece of a paper towel rolls and place over wrapping paper to keep it from unraveling.

Place all of your wrapping paper into garment bags and hang in the back of a closet or on a clothing rack. Now won't find the wrapping paper destroyed when it's time to wrap next year.

Attach a rubber band or zip tie to holiday wreathes and then secure on a plastic hanger. Place a plastic bag over the wreath and pull the top of the hanger through the bag. Hang the covered wreath to keep is clean and protected.

If you are keeping ribbons to reuse on packages and decorations, fold the ribbons and secure with a paperclip. Store all of the ribbons in a shoe box so you'll be able to quickly find which color you need and see what you already have.

Prevent your lights from being tangled by wrapping them around a hanger or a piece of cardboard.

If you've run out of bubble wrap, use stockings to keep your valuable decorations safe. Now you can pack two things at once.

Store beaded garland in plastic bottles to keep the strands from becoming knotted.

Turn stackable drawers into a wrapping station by organizing your bags, ribbons, tags, and other wrapping supplies in one place.

If you really love how your table looked over the holidays or how you put up your lights, take a picture and place a copy in the storage bin so you can recreate the same look next year.