11 Ways You Should Be Using Hydrogen Peroxide

posted: 07/14/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Hydrogen peroxide

You might have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your house to treat minor cuts and scrapes, but this wonder mixture needs to come out of your medicine cabinet and be put to work as natural cleaner, teeth whitener, and a huge help in the laundry room. Here's 11 ways you love using hydrogen peroxide.

1.) If your plants are looking a little too green, get rid of fungus on plants by adding a little hydrogen peroxide to the water.

2.) Looking to clean your cooking surfaces and sticky messes without harsh chemicals? A great germ killer and natural cleaner is spraying hydrogen peroxide while you clean.

3.) Whiten your teeth and get fresh breath with a homemade hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. Combine 50% hydrogen peroxide to 50% water and swish around in your mouth. Just be sure to not swallow any of the mixture.

4.) Clean toothbrushes by letting them sit in a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Just be sure to rinse with water. before the next time your brush.

5.) Get rid of that musty smell and laundry detergent build up from towels by adding a 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of white vinegar into your wash. Let the towels sit in the solution for 15 minutes and then run the normal wash cycles for fresh smelling towels.

6.) If you're breaking out and need to get rid of zits fast, try dabbing some hydrogen peroxide on the pimple to clear up the blemish.

7.) Wash your fruits and vegetables in a water and hydrogen peroxide mixture to remove pesticides and chemicals. Just be sure to rinse clean with water before eating.

8.) Soak your kitchen sponges in a hydrogen peroxide and water solution to kill germs and get rid of smells.

9.) If your nails are looking yellow or stained from nail polish, soak them in hydrogen peroxide to brighten and whiten your finger nails.

10.) If you have humidifiers running in your home, keep them clean and mildew free by placing a pint hydrogen peroxide into the water and letting the mixture run through the humidifier.

11.) Get rid of yellow sweat stains on shirts by mixing hydrogen peroxide and laundry detergent. Let the mixture sit for an hour before tossing in the wash.