11 Ways You Should Be Using Coffee Grounds

posted: 05/16/16
by: Amanda Mushro
coffee bean on ground

If you simply cannot start your day without a cup of coffee (or like me, two or three cups), you're probably tossing out a lot of coffee grounds every day. STOP! Coffee may give you a caffeine boost, but the grounds hold special powers themselves. From making your hair shinier to helping your garden grow, you are going to love all the ways coffee makes your life so much better.

1. Keep critters out of your garden

Are your neighbor's cats traipsing through your flowerbeds? If you sprinkle some coffee grounds around your garden, felines will stay away from your precious flowers.

2. And give your flowers some fuel

Cats aren't the only creatures that coffee deters. Mixing coffee grounds into soil will keep snails and ants away from your flowers. But worms and your acid loving plants like roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, camellias, and hydrangeas love the coffee just as much you do.

3. Fix a clogged drain

Skip the harsh chemicals and mix coffee grounds and a few drops of dish soap in a pot of boiling water. Pour the mixture down your bathroom or kitchen drains to clear out any clogs and remove built-up grease.

4. Make a free air freshener

Get rid of smells naturally in your fridge, freezer or even in your car with coffee grounds. Just put them in a cup and let them go to work!

5. Repair wood floors

Fix scratches in your hardwood floors and wood furniture by using a damp cotton swab that's been dipped coffee grounds. You may need to reapply for darker woods.

6. Create DIY beauty products

Make your own exfoliating body scrub by mixing coffee grounds, coconut oil, sugar, and ground cinnamon. Not only will the body scrub smell amazing, but the coffee will help to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth. And, as an added bonus, the caffeine will leave your skin looking firmer and tighter.

7. Clean pots and pans

Just a pinch of coffee grounds on a rag can help scrape away baked-on food from your pots and pans. Skip this tip if you are using ceramic dishes.

8. Add it to your spice rack

Use coffee as a spice for your grilling recipes. Coffee in a meat rub will tenderize the meat and adds a delicious smokey flavor.

9. Get rid of puffy eyes

If you had a late night and now you're walking around with bags under your eyes, a cup of coffee will certainly wake you up. But get rid of puffy eyes by mixing coffee grounds and a little coconut oil and leaving the mixture under your eyes for five minutes. You'll look fresh-faced in minutes.

10. Add it to your hair care routine

Brunettes and dark red heads can create a hair mask by rubbing the grounds into your hair before shampooing and conditioning to have your hairy looking shiny and removes product build up.

11. Freshen up your fireplace

Make cleaning your fireplace a breeze by covering the ashes with a layer of wet coffee grounds. You'll be shocked at how this trick reduces the amount of ash that floats up and make a mess when you're cleaning.