11 Ways to Rescue Clothes You Thought Were Ruined

posted: 03/31/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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  • Try these quick fixes
    Try these quick fixes
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    Don't throw away your favorite items

    If you’re doing a little spring cleaning in your closet and you’re getting ready to toss a few of your favorite items because you think they’re ruined, STOP!  You need to check out these clothing hacks first! We’ve got some simple ways to save your favorite clothes and accessories that you thought were headed to the donate pile. When you’re done saving those cute shoes and your favorite jeans, reward yourself with a little shopping trip. You’ve earned it.

  • Who shrunk your jeans?
    Who shrunk your jeans?
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    Stretch out tight jeans

    If your jeans are feeling a little tight, clearly someone else has shrunk them! But you can fix this problem by spraying warm water on the spots that feel tight. Stretch the fabric with your hands or put the jeans on and stand and sit in the pants. You’ll gently loosen the fabric so that you can comfortably wear your favorite jeans again.

  • No more loose pants!
    No more loose pants!
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    Fix drawstrings

    Save your favorite hoodie or sweat pants from being ruined when the drawstring gets pulled out with this simple hack. You can restring by putting the drawstring inside a straw. Make sure the string is secure by taping or stapling it to the straw. Push the straw through the hole and work it through to the other end. So easy!

  • Everybody gets them.
    Everybody gets them.
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    Get rid of armpit stains

    Don’t let ugly armpit stains ruin your favorite white shirt. Start by scrubbing the stain with lemon juice and water. Then toss the shirt in the washing machine. If it’s a really stubborn stain, make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the stain. Let it sit for about an hour before throwing it into the wash.

  • What's that smell?
    What's that smell?
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    Make shoe odors disappear

    Smelly sneakers a problem in your house? Put a little baking soda inside a coffee filter and tie off the top. Place in your shoes overnight and they will smell much better the next day.

  • Try this hack!
    Try this hack!
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    Repair sunglasses

    If you push your sunglasses on top of your head too much, the arms of the sunglasses will start to loosen. You can fix this in a pinch by painting a small bit of clear nail polish over the hinge to tighten it.

  • They'll be shiny in no time.
    They'll be shiny in no time.
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    Touch up patent leather

    Got a patent leather purse or pair of shoes that are looking scuffed and dirty? Use a few sprays of glass cleaner to make them look shiny and new again.

  • It will look brand-new.
    It will look brand-new.
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    Make your sweater new again

    Don’t fret if your favorite sweater is looking pilly. Rub a pumice stone across the fabric and use a lint roller to remove the remainder. This covers a lot more area than using a razor over the fabric.

  • Grease the gears.
    Grease the gears.
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    Fix broken zippers

    Have a zipper that just won’t go up? Grab a crayon and rub the crayon on all sides of the zipper. With a little bit of work, it will slide right up again.

  • You live in these pants.
    You live in these pants.
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    A fix for yoga pants

    Did you accidentally shrink your favorite pair of yoga pants? Don’t fret, because they can be saved! Soak the pants in warm water and a few tablespoons of baby shampoo. Wring out the water, but don’t rinse. Place the pants on a towel and remove as much water as possible. You want the fabric to be damp and not soaked. Then stretch the fabric back into shape and let it air dry.

  • All you need is a blow dryer.
    All you need is a blow dryer.
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    Stretch out your shoes

    Got an adorable pair of shoes that are feeling too tight? Stretch out the shoes by wearing thick socks and using a blow dryer that is set to hot all over the shoes. Spend a little extra time on the spots that are tightest and those shoes will feel better on your feet in just a few minutes.