11 Ways to Protect Your Hair and Skin This Summer

posted: 06/20/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    Summer Beauty Tips

    Well hello, summer! We sure have missed your long days and feeling that summer sunshine on our faces. But even if we’re slathering on sunscreen and limiting our sun exposure, our hair and skin will start feeling the effects of that summer sun pretty quickly. And the results aren’t pretty -- no one wants dry hair or skin! So rather than hide indoors all summer, here are a few ways you can protect your hair and skin from being damaged this summer.

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    Wash Your Hair Less

    Washing your hair every day in the summer can really dry out your tresses. So if you can, skip a shampooing here and there. Believe us, your hair will thank you. Skipping a wash not an option for you? Then try a dry shampoo to cut the grease but not strip your hair of natural moisture.

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    Use Coconut Oil as Conditioner

    Since summer weather can dry out your hair, be sure to give it a little extra love and a little extra leave-in conditioner. You can even add a little coconut oil to you hair for added moisture. Just coat your hair with the oil, let it sit for a 30 minutes—a shower cap helps everything stay put -- and then shampoo and condition regularly.

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    Learn to Love Dirty Hair

    If you’re hitting the pool, go in with dirty hair. If you wash your hair then dive in, your hair will be missing the protective layer that helps keep out chlorine. It’s also helpful to rinse your hair with fresh water, coat your hair with coconut oil or conditioner, then go for a dip. The oil will help fight discoloration and keep out those harsh chemicals.

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    Ditch the Blow Dryer

    Skip the blow dryer and let your hair air dry as much as possible — it prevents damage from the high heat. If you need to blow dry, wait until your hair is almost dry before you start.

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    Find a Summer Hat

    Try to wear hats or scarves when you’re outside, or keep your hair in braids or a bun to limit sun exposure. Unfortunately, your face and neck get the brunt of sun exposure and are particularly susceptible to the two most common forms of skin cancer. A wide-brimmed hat is fashion-forward and a great way to avoid the sun's harmful rays.

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    Use a Natural Cleanser

    To remove build up from the pool, products, or the beach, wash your hair with baking soda for a natural cleanser that won’t strip your hair of its color or moisture

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    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water -- studies recommend about 2.7 liters (or 11 cups) per day -- and more if you're sweating. Your skin will thank you for all the extra hydration, we promise.

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    Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

    Never leave home without your sunscreen. Even if you aren’t headed to the pool or beach, you still need to protect your skin. Having SPF 30 in your daily moisturizer can help on days you're in a hurry, but don’t forget about your shoulders, chest, and neck, which are also easily exposed.

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    Keep It Cool

    After a day in the sun, take a cold shower! After sun exposure, hot water in the shower will further dry out your skin. So try a cool shower and don’t forget to moisturize right after.

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    Rough It

    If you aren’t exfoliating your skin, summer is a great time to start. Exfoliation removes dead and dull skin and allows the hydration from moisturizers to work better. So be sure to exfoliate your face and your entire body this summer — use this as an excuse to get a special spa treatment!

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    Go Green

    After a day in the sun, treat your skin to a hydrating face mask. If you don’t want to buy one, you can make it out of mixing bananas and yogurt or even mashing up half an avocado and putting it on your face. Good to eat and good for your skin, too!