11 Ways to Make Hanging Out With Your Parents Cool Again

posted: 06/10/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
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    Reconnect with Your 'Rents

    Adulthood is the best time to get to know who your parents really are. You've grown up and evolved, and they have, too. As you begin to understand what it means to be an adult, you may even discover different sides to them that they kept from you when you were younger.

    And all that advice they gave you (that you quickly ignored)? You're probably starting to realize it actually spot-on. Even though you're not living under your parents' roof anymore, and may even have a family of your own, you can still have some great quality time with them. Read on for some great ideas for fun-filled bonding.

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    Get Pampered with Mom

    Have a girls day where you can get massages, facials, mani-pedis, or even a new hairstyle. You'll spend quality time relaxing and feel beautiful inside and out.

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    Hit Up a Casino Night

    Going to a casino is something you never got to with your parents. Here, you can let loose, play some games, and have a great time together. It'll bring your relationship to a whole new level -- and maybe introduce some friendly competition.

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    Bring Back a Childhood Tradition

    Did you spend time at a lake cabin every summer? Have ice cream for breakfast on Saturdays? Relive your favorite childhood memories by doing them one more time, for old time's sake!

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    Go Horseback Riding

    Riding horses can be relaxing, therapeutic and thrilling all at the same. Look for a scenic trail and a guided tour: the horses are trained to follow each other so there's no experience needed.

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    Go Fishing

    Take a fishing trip with dad. Those long, slow moments of tranquility as you wait for a bite will give you guys a chance to really talk to each other.

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    Take Mom Shopping

    When you were a kid, you and your mom spent hours at the mall picking out the cutest outfits for you. As a teenager, you wouldn't allow her anywhere near your closet. Now as an adult, you realize you mom has great taste, which makes her an excellent shopping buddy.

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    Take a Hike

    Enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery. Being outdoors provides a backdrop for deep conversations. You might even learn something new about your parents.

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    Take a Pottery Class Together

    Making something from scratch will give you a great sense of accomplishment, and it'll make mom reminisce about your arts and crafts days.

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    Go on a Camping Trip

    Going camping, or even glamping (for those of us who can't live without indoor plumbing) can be even more fun as adults than it was when you were a kid. You can tell stories around the campfire and really enjoy disconnecting from the world for a few days

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    Plan a Family Road Trip

    Pick a destination you've never been to to keep this old tradition feeling fresh. Stock up on junk food, karaoke hits, and stop at must-see destinations along the way.

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    Help Them Redecorate

    Giving your childhood home a makeover keeps things looking fresh and exciting. It'll have your parents feeling like these are the best years of their lives. Help them pick out wall colors, new furniture, and offer your Pinterest expertise for finding decorating tips. It also gives you an opportunity to find fresh frames for all those old photos!