11 Secrets to Using Cake Mix to Bake Like a Boss

posted: 05/13/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    Fake it 'Til You Bake it

    There’s a reason people line up around the block of Carlo’s Bakery: those delicious, homemade cakes made by Cake Boss Buddy Valastro. Not only do his cakes look amazing, they taste amazing too.

    So what do you do if you aren’t a Cake Boss but you want to make a delicious homemade cake? Well, you don’t have to completely abandon a boxed cake mix. You just need a few baking hacks to make that boring boxed cake mix taste fantastic.

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    Better with Butter

    If your boxed cake mix calls for oil, skip the bland vegetable and replace it with butter—because butter makes everything better. And while you are at it, double the butter! The butter will give your cake a richness that oil just can’t make and everyone will swear your cake is homemade

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    Proof is in The Pudding

    When you’re grabbing that boxed cake mix from the pantry, grab some instant pudding too. Adding chocolate pudding to your chocolate or red velvet mix will make the cake richer and moist.

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    Swap Out Water for Delicious Alternatives

    Skip the water and add flavor with milk, almond milk, orange juice, or coconut milk.

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    Add Candies

    Boxed mixes usually call for two or three ingredients, but jazz up your cake up with extras like chocolate morsels, candy, lemon, or marshmallows.

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    Eggs-tra, Eggs-tra

    If the cake mix calls for two or three eggs, add an extra egg or two to make your cake fluffier.

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    Pop a Little Pop in There

    Create your own cake flavors by adding a can of bubbly soda to your cake mix.
    • Create a creamsicle cake by adding orange soda to a white cake
    • Add Sprite to a lemon cake mix for a tart treat
    • Add root beer to chocolate cake for a delicious spin
    • Ginger ale in a spice cake makes a yummy ginger spiced cake

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    Add Avocado!

    Just because you’re indulging in dessert, doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little healthier. Rather than using oil or butter, mash an avocado and add it to your cake mix. You’ll be surprised at how yummy this secret ingredient really is.

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    No Eggs? No Problem

    Run out of eggs? No problem! Just add applesauce, bananas, or yogurt.

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    Cake Mix is for More Than Just Cake

    Cake mix isn’t just for cake. You can make 24 cookies or cake pops from each box of mix.

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    Hold The Mayo -- In Your Mixing Bowl

    When you think dessert, you probably aren’t thinking mayonnaise, but two tablespoons of mayo will make your cakes taste homemade.

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    Ice Cream Cake

    What’s better than cake and ice cream? Putting your favorite ice cream into your cake mix and makes a super yummy melted ice cream cake.