11 Reasons The Royals Ruled 2015

posted: 12/22/15
by: TLCme

Sure, they're one of the most beautiful, happy families we've seen, but there are other reasons that we love the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and their adorable kids). Here are 11 of them.

1. They seem genuinely happy. I mean, look at them! (See above, below, and everywhere.)

2. Kate's "mom style" is beyond inspiring. But not so stylish that she's above practical, comfort-inducing shoe inserts.

3. And she wears the royal jewels in moderation. Up until this month, she'd only worn a crown in public three times. Though we admit we were pretty dazzled when she stepped out in the Lover's Knot crown that was said to be Diana's favorite.

Getty Images/Mark Cuthbert

4. Charlotte and her stuffed toy dog can brighten the gloomiest of days.

5. How many royals can you say have rock climbed and rappelled together?

6. Prince Harry chills with FLOTUS.

7. Prince Charles isn't too royal to get goofy with his boys.

8. They do so much for others all around the world.

9. Little Prince George is already a stellar big brother.

10. Harry doesn't mind being a third wheel.

11. Their holiday card wouldn't look out of place on your mantle.