11 Naturally Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations

posted: 12/08/15
by: Katie Morton

When it comes to Christmas d?cor, there's nothing more iconic than a fresh tree, with its deep green branches and uplifting pine aroma. For simple yet beautiful tree d?cor, you need look only to the great outdoors for warm, inviting ways to enhance the natural loveliness of your Christmas tree. Try these 11 gorgeous decor ideas.

1. Citrus ornaments

Your grocery store produce aisle stocks rows of these vibrant beauties to add color to your tree. The crisp aroma of citrus marries well with the scent of pine. Fresh oranges also make an easy stocking stuffer for Christmas morning.

2. Pinecones and jute

Pinecones strung on jute rope are simple, but striking. If you like more flair, add a colorful satin ribbon.

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3. Au natural magnolia

Magnolia pods are a unique twist on the holiday pine cone--a red ribbon and these are ready to adorn the braches of your Christmas tree.

4. Dried flowers

If you're lucky enough to have roses or hydrangea bushes in your garden, both of these flowers dry beautifully. Layer them on your mantel or perch in the braches of your tree as soft accents. Know that these flowers are fragile when dried, so use care when placing them on the tree to keep the petals intact.

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5. Nature's ornaments

Look around at nature's bounty and think of creative ways to use these items for decoration. Leaves, anise, even small pebbles can be turned into unique DIY ornaments.

6. Berries tied with ribbon

Scarlet berries are a traditional Christmas decoration. Bind the branches with silky ribbon and tuck the clusters into your tree for added color and texture.

7. Simple branch tree

A smaller-scale Christmas tree made out of tree branches may be perfect on a front porch, as a corner accent, or for a space that doesn't have room for a bigger tree. Simple white lights can add some sparkle.

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8. Feather ornaments

Feathers are ethereal and elegant. Craft stores carry many feather options in different colors to suit your palette. This clear feather and faux snow ornament is stunning and looks more expensive than it actually is.

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9. Cranberry and popcorn garland

String popcorn and cranberry on a natural garland. Tiny marshmallows are an alternative that even little hands can help make.

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10. Birdseed ornaments

Seeds are a fun alternative to old-school popcorn balls. These are easy to create with seeds and a cookie cutter, and when dried, are surprisingly durable.

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11. "Spruce up" a fake tree

Even if you prefer a faux tree this season, you may use accents from natural pine clippings to add to your own for fullness like The Heathered Nest demonstrates here.

'Tis the season to enjoy your naturally beautiful Christmas tree!