11 DIY Projects That Are Almost Guaranteed To Become Pinterest Fails

posted: 04/27/16
by: Katie Morton
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    Pinterest Can Be Tricky

    Pinterest is a mecca of creative inspiration. Ideas found on the site can yield stunning crafts, cookbook photo-worthy recipes, and stunning decor. But Pinterest can also be the place where DIY dreams go to die. For every gorgeous craft, there about five not-so-lovely projects. Watch our TLC star try her hand at rainbow pancakes (above) and enjoy this hilarious compilation of creative attempts that have taken a turn for the worse. It’ll make you feel much better about your Pinterest prowess (or lack thereof!).

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    Melted Crayon Art

    If you need some low-cost, creative ideas for art on your walls, look no further! Everyone needs a melted crayon art piece like this in their… um, darkest corner closet.

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    Bulb Planting

    Fresh spring bulbs brighten up any room in your house. These bulbs need a drink of water, or some plant food, or maybe just a quick burial in the yard.

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    Deviled Chick Eggs

    Yikes! While we’re on the topic of scary snacks, these melting faces put the “devil” in classic deviled eggs. This spring favorite is best paired with a side of Holy Water.

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    Cookie Monster Cupcakes

    Hopefully your kids devour these cupcakes before they take a closer look. Poor Cookie Monster has seen better days.

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    Mason Jar Decor

    If you make these for your wedding, your guests will have a built-in conversation piece on their dinner tables. That’s a good thing, right? You can just pretend they’re avant-garde, modern art pieces.

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    Adorable Baby in Pumpkin

    Pinterest is chock-full of adorable baby photo shoot ideas. One seasonal example shows happy babies posing in carved pumpkins. Just like this baby, oh wait… never mind. We say leave these photos to Anne Geddes!

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    Christmas Baby in Lights

    If your baby pumpkin photo shoot didn’t work out as planned, there’s always the next holiday. Note: Maybe babies don’t like being used as props?

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    Fourth of July Jell-O

    This summer you may want to try out a new patriotic dessert to impress your friends and neighbors. It’s sure to be the hit of the block party!

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    Hedgehog Cake

    Everyone loves an animal cake! But when your cake makes your guests call their docs for rabies shots, maybe it’s time to stick to the plain sheet variety.

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    Train Cake

    If animal cakes aren’t your thing, here’s another idea. Your tiny engineer will love—what sort of looks like—a train cake.

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    Swirl Pedicure

    When DIY beauty goes horribly off the rails. Next time, just call the salon.

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