11 Creative Ways to Use Plastic Wrap Around Your House

posted: 04/25/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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You might have used plastic wrap to store your leftovers from dinner last night, and if you were able to successfully wrap a plate or bowl without getting the plastic stuck together, you might actually have special powers. But while it can seem a little difficult at times to wrangle this inexpensive household staple, it's actually a lot more versatile than you think. From packing to painting to quick cleanup, here's 11 ways you should be using plastic wrap.

1. If you want to slow down the ripening process of bananas, just wrap the ends of your bananas in plastic wrap. So simple! But what if you want to speed up the ripening process of other fruit? The next time you have rock-hard peaches place them in a bowl with avocados and cover with plastic wrap. In a day or two, your peaches will be perfect.

2. Have you ever run to the freezer for a late night ice cream snack only to find your favorite container of mint chocolate chip is covered with icy, freezer burn? Ugh, it's ruined! Next time, place a layer of plastic wrap over your ice cream before putting the lid back on and storing it in the freezer.

3. If your kids are feeling crafty with paint, glitter or glue, lay down sheets of plastic wrap on the table and even under their chairs for a quick clean up after craft time is over.

4. Planning on doing a little painting? Preserve the paint by covering the lid and your paint roller with plastic wrap between coats.

5. For items in your house that can't be removed while painting (think the sink, toilet, or walk moldings) use painters tape to attach plastic wrap to keep those items paint free.

6. If you're moving, you'll need lots of plastic wrap. For all of your spices and any liquids you'll be taking with you, remove the lid and place a layer of plastic wrap before putting the lid back on.

7. For smaller items that are already in containers like toys, silverware, or clothes that are in drawers, save yourself time from packing everything individually by wrapping the plastic wrap around the container or drawer to keep everything in place.

8. If you're having a little spa time at home and giving yourself a deep hair conditioning with coconut oil, wrap your hair in plastic wrap to help the oil warm up and stay in place

9. Before you pack your shampoo and conditioner for your next trip, take off the lid, wrap the top with plastic wrap, and screw the lid back on to keep from major spills in your luggage.

10. Wrap a little plastic wrap around the shoes you are packing to keep the dirt off everything else.

11. Place sheets of plastic wrap in your pantry and your refrigerator shelves for quick cleanup after spills and crumbs.