11 Commandments for High Heel Lovers

posted: 06/28/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
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    11 Commandments for High Heel Lovers

    Wearing high heels too often is not only painful, it can be dangerous, too. But that doesn't mean we should have to sacrifice this fabulous footwear. We talked to New York City-based podiatrist, Dr. Hillary Brenner, who shared tips and tricks for making your sky-high heels less painful.

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    Thou Shalt Not Commute in Heels

    If you have to wear heels to work, make sure you commute in supportive shoes and keep a pair of heels in the office, so you can take them off as often as needed.

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    Thou Shalt Choose Rubber Soles

    Shoes with rubber soles tend to have good traction; leather soles are often very slippery and can lead to embarrassing -- not to mention painful -- falls.

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    Thou Shalt Do Foot Exercises In Your Cubicle

    When sitting down at the office, trace the alphabet with your foot. This will stretch out the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

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    Thou Shalt Wear Orthotics In Your Shoes

    You can have these custom made for your feet, or find a budget-friendly, over-the-counter version. These help take some of the stress off of your bones and help with shock absorption.

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    Thou Shalt Not Wear Heels for More Than 3 Hours a Day

    These shoes were NOT made for walking. Cheat: Any time you spend sitting down doesn't count toward your allotted time.

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    Thou Shalt Not Wear Heels Above Two Inches

    The lower the heel, the better. Sky-high stilettos do the most damage to your feet.

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    Thou Shalt Alternate Heel Heights Every Day

    This varies the areas that are stressed and gives your calf muscles a chance to stretch out.

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    Thou Shalt Choose Wedges

    Platform wedges are always a better alternative to narrow-heeled pumps or stilettos. When choosing a wedge, pick a heel made out of cork or raffia instead of wood.

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    Thou Shalt Do Calf Stretches

    Make sure to include calf stretches in your workout routine, or even do them at home. When you wear heels, your calves are constantly being stretched to keep your body aligned. These stretches work as a counterbalance.

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    Thou Shalt Soak in Epsom Salt

    2-3 times a week, soak your feet in Epsom Salt and warm water for 20 minutes. Epsom Salt has magnesium, which helps with muscle aches and pains. Bonus: it also reduces swelling.

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    Thou Shalt Ice Your Feet at the End of the Day

    At the end of a day spent wearing heels, ice your feet for 20 minutes.