11 Amazing Foods You Never Thought of Grilling 

posted: 06/07/16
by: Katie Morton
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    Get Your Grill On

    Summer cooking means firing up the grill and cooking al fresco. Most of us know how to throw a T-bone on the coals, but what about those outside-the-box dinner ideas or—spoiler alert—dessert ideas?

    The fun of grilling is that you get to play around with new flavors and recipes. Let our creative list inspire your inner barbecue chef. Throw on your Kiss The Cook apron and fire up those coals for a cool, new take on grilled foods. One of these recipes is sure to be the star of your backyard menu this season.

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    1. Lobster

    Everyone's favorite crustacean turns tender and decadent under the right firepower. Whisk up a fresh and tangy lemon sauce on the side for a supper that evokes a night on the Maine coast. We love this grilled lobster tails recipe with Sriracha butter from Fifteen Spatulas.

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    2. Corn on the Cob

    No shucking necessary for this side. Corn on the cob, right in its own husk, becomes sweet and smoky on the grill. To kick it up a notch, add a dash of Mexican spice. Cooks Illustrated gives you the perfect recipe.

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    3. Clams

    Who needs the Cape? Throw clams on the grill and you've got the makings of a killer clambake, even if the nearest water source is your neighbor's inflatable kiddie pool. The only prep needed is a good scrub down. Three minutes later, you're looking at dinner. Use this simple recipe from Recipe Girl.

    The best thing is that these little guys come with their own built-in timer: When their shells pop open, its time to ring the dinner bell.

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    4. Pineapple

    The grill turns pineapples into a caramelized delicious treat. Splash a dash of hot sauce on this tropical staple for a sweet and savory combo. Or, like Skinny Taste recommends, try honey, lime juice, and cinnamon.

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    5. Tofu

    For most of us, our grills beg for a huge hunk of meat. Vegetarians, take heart, we've got a savory recipe for you, from Oh She Glows, as well. Grilled tofu can take the place of steak. It's not only healthy, it's also super delicious!

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    6. Pizza

    Firing up some coals is quicker than calling for delivery. Simply brush olive oil on store-bought pressed pizza dough to make your own coal-fired pies. When grill-marks appear on the dough, turn down the heat, add your toppings, and then turn the heat back up again--just long enough to melt the cheese and char the crust. The Kitchn has some great tips and recipes.

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    7. Romaine Lettuce

    Salad on the grill? You betcha! Hearty, crisp greens like romaine hold up well on the grill. Wash your head of lettuce, chop in half and grill for five minutes on each side. Mix in a buttermilk chive dressing or just some olive oil and vinegar (like the image below, from Simply Recipes) for a delicious side dish.

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    8. Peaches

    Fresh peaches on the grill make for the perfect light summer dessert. Drizzle with a splash of balsamic vinegar for a tart and tangy take on fruit. To make it dessert worthy, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, like What's Gabby Cooking recommends.

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    9. Brie

    Melted, gooey, rich cheese--yes, please! Next time you're looking for a low-fuss way to impress guests with your culinary prowess, look no further than this entertaining staple. Eat. Live, Run has a delicious recipe that includes honey and trail mix. While you're at it, toss a crusty baguette on the coals, next to the wheel of Brie, to create a must-have appetizer.

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    10. Cake

    In the famous words of Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake!" Store-bought pound cake is boring. GRILLED store bought pound cake is exciting and fun--and, when paired with those strawberries and cream, like this recipe from The Chic Site, an absolute sugary delight.

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    11. Banana Split

    What's a hot summer day without some flavorful ice cream to cool off? Create an extra savory ice cream dessert (like this one from the Food Network) with the addition of grilled bananas. Split the banana down the middle (with peel intact) and grill for three minutes. Adults and kids alike will clamor for this sweet treat.