10-Year-Old Inspires Others to Pay It Forward Using Handmade Bracelets

posted: 07/27/16
by: Blythe Copeland

While most 10-year-olds spend their summer vacation focused on perfecting their cannonballs or tracking the ice cream truck, Leah Nelson has a different idea: The West Sacremento, CA resident started a good deed movement called Becuz I Care. Nelson turned her love of Rainbow Loom bracelets into a kindness movement with one simple goal: She hands the bracelets out for free and encourages people to give them to someone else after completing a good deed.

"Whenever you do something kind, you pass it on," she told Today Parents , "and you ask them to pay it forward as well by passing on the bracelet when they do something kind for someone else."

Nelson's parents, friends, and 7-year-old brother have helped her make and distribute more than 1,000 bracelets in a month. And if you've ever sat down to make rainbow loom bracelets with your little one, you know how time consuming each one can be.

They now come with a message describing the project and encouraging wearers to keep the bracelets moving.

Nelson's father, Charles Nelson, says Becuz I Care is partly inspired by the Dallas shootings. "She's aware that many people are angry, hurt, and upset on both sides," he told Today Parents. "Her answer was simple: People should just be nice."