10 Wedding Planning Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

posted: 11/11/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Wedding Planner Hacks


Planning a wedding can be totally time consuming and stressful. So here's how to make your happiest day run more smoothly with 10 of our favorite wedding planning hacks.

Keep yourself organized by setting up a separate email address for all wedding related info. This way you and your partner can have access to the planning and organizing emails and you won't have to weed through your personal or work emails.

Number your response cards and keep the list handy. Just write a small number on the back of the cards before you put them in the mail. This way if the responses come back and you can't read them or you are trying to keep track of who has responded, you can cross reference.

Have a bra sewn into your dress. When you go in for your alterations, have a bra added to your dress. This way you won't worry your bra is showing during pictures or slipping when you raise your arms.

You can add veil weights to your veil so during your outdoor wedding or pictures, your veil won't fly into your face. Also be sure to wear the shoes you're planning to wear on the big day around your house. This way you can break them in, keep them clean, and avoid painful blisters or sore feet while you dance the night away at your reception.

If you have wedding invitations that you are worried will get damaged or you don't want those beautiful envelopes ruined, ask the post office to "hand cancel" your invitations. So instead of running your invites through a machine, a postal worker will use a special ink stamp to mark your invitation and then sort it by hand.

Sometimes buying is cheaper than renting. As you price out wedding d?cor and items you and your wedding party will wear and use on your big day, sometimes purchasing can save you more money than renting: think vases for centerpieces, props for photobooths, and cake stands. Plus you can always resell those items when your wedding is over.

Have food ordered for all times of the day. On your wedding day, you'll be so busy that you'll probably forget to eat! So make sure you have food available--keep it simple like appetizers and snacks-- before the ceremony, before the reception, and late night for you and your wedding party. Nothing is worse than a hungry bride.

Put your guests' names on sticky notes and use those to arrange your tables seating assignments. You might find it helpful to color code the sticky notes: family, his friends, your friends, work friends. This way you don't have to keep erasing names as you add or change table assignments for your reception.

Use a gluestick to seal all of your invitations. It's better than licking all of those envelopes or using a wet sponge.

Nominate a point person for the day of the wedding. This could be a bridesmaid or a family member, but their job is to handle all disasters, small and large, so that you can enjoy your day.