10 Ways to Use (and Reuse) Dryer Sheets

posted: 05/25/16
by: Amanda Mushro
laundry room dryer sheet

The next time you're folding your laundry, don't toss that dryer sheet in the garbage! Even though dryer sheets might be a staple in your laundry room, you should be putting these tiny sheets to work all over your house. Even after they've been in the dryer, you can use find some pretty creative ways to recycle dryer sheets. Check out a few of our favorite ways to use and reuse dryer sheets.

1. Animal hair remover

The next time you're covered in your four-legged-friend's hair, just rub a new dryer sheet over your clothes to grab most of the hair. This works great on furniture and the seats in your car, too.

2. Fire starter

If you're taking the family camping, starting a fire is simple with dryer sheet. Just stuff a few used dryer sheets into an empty toilet paper roll and use that to start your next fire. Now someone make me a s'more!

3. Paint brush cleaner

Soak paint brushes in warm water and a dryer sheet. You won't believe how easy the paint comes off the brushes.

4. Dishwasher backup

If you've got pots and pans with baked-on messes, skip the scrubbing by filling your dish with a dryer sheet and warm water. Let it sit overnight, and in the morning, the crust will come right off -- without scrubbing!

5. Deodorant eraser

If you're like me and find it impossible to get dressed without getting white deodorant stains on your shirt, you'll love this hack. Just rub a dryer sheet on the marks and they'll come right out. Be sure to check out these awesome uses for deodorant, too!

6. Sewing helper

If you're sewing and thread keeps getting tangled, run a used dryer sheet over the thread before you begin to cut the static and make sewing a breeze.

7. Bathroom cleaner

Forget using paper towels when cleaning your bathroom. Use a dryer sheets to shine your faucets and clean glass shower doors and shower walls. Buff away water marks on the faucet with a used dryer sheet, and use a new dryer sheet to remove soap scum on the shower door and walls.

8. Natural air freshener

If you've got a stinky garbage can, shoes, gym bag, or even your car, just toss a few new dryer sheets around to deodorize any small space.

9. Mouse trap

If mice are a problem in your house, stuff a dryer sheet in the holes where you think they are getting in. They won't chew through it!

10. Vacuum enhancer

Stick a used dryer sheet in your vacuum bag to freshen the air as you sweep.