10 Ways to Make Your Kids Day a Little Sweeter

posted: 09/27/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Cute young daughter on a piggy back ride with her mother.

When you ask your kids "How was your day?" and they respond with "Great!" wouldn't it be awesome if you were part of the reason they had a great day? Life can get crazy and hectic but sometimes it's the little things that can make our kid's day go from "OK" to "Great."

Here's ten things you can do today to make your kid's day a little nicer, a little kinder, and a whole lot sweeter.

  1. Lunchtime notes- When your kids open their lunchboxes let the find more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Leave a little note for them as part of a lunchtime surprise. Even for kids that can't read yet, they will love a silly drawing because it is from you. I leave a short note on my kids' napkins in hope they actually use the napkin once they read the note.
  1. Say "Yes!"- Does it ever feel like all you ever do as a parent is say "no"? Today, why not try saying yes. Yes to reading one more book. Yes to a few more minutes snuggling on the couch. Yes to playing their favorite game. If it's a reasonable request, just say yes.
  1. Ask for their help- Let your kids help you cook dinner one night and even let them pick the meal.
  1. Leave a sweet treat- A piece of chocolate in their lunchbox or a special dessert is always a welcome treat in our house--especially when they aren't expecting it.
  1. Get silly together- Don't be so serious! Have a dance party or laugh along with a few funny jokes. Make being silly a daily event.
  1. Put down your electronics- We all feel that we are tied to our electronics. Instead of scrolling through your phone at bedtime or answering one more email during dinner, put your electronics down and really focus on what your child has to say. Whether they talk about their day or you get a few extra snuggles, those few moments will probably be the best part of your day and theirs.
  1. Give yourself a break- Sometimes our to-do list can seem overwhelming and we don't feel present when we are with our kids. If you give yourself a break, you can give your kids your full attention when you are with them.
  1. Catch them doing something good- Rather than always telling your kids what they do wrong, point out all the good things they do. If they used kind words, were brave in a scary situation, or helped around the house--catch them doing good!
  1. Really listen to them- When you ask about their day, look them in the eyes and really listen. Don't try to multi-task--just listen.
  1. Take the rush out of the mornings- Mornings seem to be the most stressful time around our house. So I take a few extra minutes to get myself and the kids organized the night before. This means happy mornings for everyone and I don't send my kids out the door feeling frazzled because I'm stressed.