10 Uses for White Vinegar That’ll Blow Your Mind

posted: 04/07/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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  • White vinegar works wonders.
    White vinegar works wonders.
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    The Ingredient You Should Be Using

    When you’re pushing your cart through the grocery store, do you ever stop when you see the giant bottles of white vinegar and wonder who needs that much vinegar? The answer should be YOU. Start stocking up on the economy sized bottles, because white vinegar can do some pretty magical stuff around the house.

    Most people cook with a little vinegar and clean a few things with this household staple, but there so many different ways to take advantage of this all-natural cleaning agent. Check out our favorite ways to use it — they’ll change the way you look at that giant bottle.

  • Sunglasses never looked cleaner.
    Sunglasses never looked cleaner.
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    Clean Your Sunglasses

    Are the lenses of your sunglasses covered in a sticky residue from sunblock? Then spray a mix of white vinegar and water and clean with a soft cloth. This gets rid of the sticky film and eliminates water spots.

  • The ultimate laundry hack
    The ultimate laundry hack
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    Freshen Up Your Clothes

    Did you forget about that soaking wet load of laundry in your washing machine and now everything smells like mildew? Throw in a ½ cup of white vinegar and run the clothes through another rinse cycle to get your clothes smelling fresh again. This trick also works if clothes have a smoky smell.

  • Who knew?
    Who knew?
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    Soothe Skin

    Itchy and dry skin bothering your kids? Add a few cups of white vinegar to a warm bath and let your kiddos splash around. Skip the soap and shampoo and cover them with lotion when they get out. The vinegar bath will soothe their skin and have them feeling itch free in no time

  • Get rid of grease.
    Get rid of grease.
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    Tackle Pots and Pans

    Do you have baked and burnt on food on your pots, pans and baking sheets? No need for elbow grease or to toss them out with this trick. Just make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and let it sit on the top of the crusty food and really stubborn stains and pour white vinegar over the rest of the surface. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes. You’ll be able to rinse the dishes clean with a little bit of water and no scrubbing.

  • Works like a charm.
    Works like a charm.
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    Get Rid of Weeds

    Are weeds and stray grass taking over your driveway and walkways? No need for harsh chemicals because pouring full-strength white distilled vinegar on that unwanted vegetation works just as fast. Looks at you and your green thumb!

  • It cuts soap scum like a pro.
    It cuts soap scum like a pro.
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    Spiff Up Your Showerhead

    Don’t let soap scum and a clogged showerhead ruin your time in the shower. Just add a cup of vinegar to a plastic storage bag and place the bag so that the showerhead sits in the vinegar. Use a rubber band or tape to attach the bag. Allow the showerhead to soak overnight, and in the morning, remove the bag, turn on the shower, and use an old toothbrush to remove any leftover soap scum.

  • Crayon smudges are no match.
    Crayon smudges are no match.
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    Scrub Away Stains

    Did your little artist get too creative and use crayons on your floor and walls? Dipping an old toothbrush in white vinegar and gentle scrubbing will break down the crayon wax and will save the finish on your floors and walls

  • Don't spend money on fancy cleansers.
    Don't spend money on fancy cleansers.
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    Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes, it’s probably a good sign they need to be cleaned. White vinegar is the perfect way to get rid of built-up makeup and bacteria that’s lurking on your brushes. Mix a cup of warm water with two tablespoons of white vinegar, swirl your brushes in the mixture, rinse, reshape and allow them to dry.

  • No more stinky sippy cups.
    No more stinky sippy cups.
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    Sanitize Your Dishes

    If you’ve found a rouge sippy cup, bottle, or water bottle that looks more like a science experiment than something you were drinking, you don’t have to trash it. Jut fill the cup with vinegar and let it sit overnight to remove any leftover smells.

  • An answer to pet owners' prayers.
    An answer to pet owners' prayers.
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    Make Odors Disappear

    Sure, your puppy or cat are like members of the family, but they can also leave your house pretty stinky. Even if you cleaned up any accidents, there may still be lingering smells you can’t get rid of. Here’s your fix: Grab a spray bottle and mix 6 ounces water, 2 ounces of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent. Spray over the smelly areas like your carpet, couch, and pillows. Within a few minutes, the smell will be gone and your pet can go back to ruling your house.