10 Top Secret Spots for Hidden Storage

posted: 04/14/15
by: Brittany Walls
10 Top Secret Spots for Hidden Storage
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There's a place for everything.

Hidden nooks and crannies have always fascinated me -- when I was growing up, my sisters and I always won hide and seek in our house because we knew all the impossible to find hiding spots (one of them was a loft office area that was only accessible from the back of my parent's closet).

Obviously, some super secret areas are planned and built while a home is being constructed -- but here are a few ideas for top secret storage you can add to your house after it's finished.

Behind-the-Painting Jewelry Storage

The old safe-behind-the-masterpiece trick in movies surely inspired this jewelry storage behind the painting. Learn how Kate created this hidden jewelry box on Design Sponge.

Stairway Slide-Out Storage Bins

The space under your stairs might hold a small cupboard or closet, but in most homes, this prime spot is wasted. And if you are lucky enough to have storage, it's not always easy to access.

Joa London, a London-based custom furniture builder, created these seamless built-in roll out drawers under the stairs. They look like custom decorative moulding when they're closed, but offer loads of storage when open -- letting you hide everything from board games and holiday decorations to rarely-used dishes and extra gloves and mittens.

Rolling Bookcases

Carla Schlatter Ellis had a rolling bookcase wall built while her home was under construction for a Scooby Doo-inspired hiding spot that reveals unseen storage. This could be tricky to do in an already-built house, but you could modify a closet if you're determined to give your home that mysterious mansion vibe.

Under-the-Sink Step Stool

Anyone who has small kids has probably tripped (more times than they would like to admit) on the step stool in their child's bathroom. Ana White, the DIY superhero of furniture building plans, designed a pull out step stool for her daughter's bathroom vanity: It slides out when the shortest members of her family need to brush their teeth or wash their hands and slides back in -- out of grownups' way -- when they're finished.

Build your own using the instructions on her site, and when your little ones grow up, flip the step over to add drawer space.

Mudroom Bench with Lift-Up Lid

Although this storage area may not be so top secret, utilizing storage under the mudroom bench is a great way to hide shoes and exercise equipment for a growing family. Traci's husband, Cy, shares a video tutorial for building storage bins inside a bench with a lift up lid on Beneath My Heart.

And don't forget to think outside the mudroom: Try putting a similar bench in your family room to store toys or in a hallway for keeping off-season clothes.

BBookshelf Secret Storage Box

Able + Baker artfully arranges and builds custom library storage boxes that can hide CDs or other items you don't want on public view. Just slip the finished product onto your shelf between other real books, and have your favorite albums, decks of cards, extra coasters, or phone chargers readily accessible.

Built-In Dresser

If you have one of those adorable Cape Cod homes or angled ceilings, this is a fantastic way to utilize the wasted space under the eaves. You'll still be able to see the dresser -- it won't be as hidden as some of these other solutions -- but it will give you back precious space in your bedrooms while keeping clothes organized.

Camila from Effortless Style has a built in dresser in her daughter's room -- proving that there is extra storage in your home if you just know where to look.

Slipcovered Bistro Table

This idea doesn't require a builder or a custom design to create more storage space: It's only a slipcover (or tablecloth) away from becoming actuality. Create a custom fitted bistro table slipcover to give you hidden storage under a round table using this tutorial (or you can purchase your own tablecloth at BallardDesigns.com).

Faux Outlet

If you have enough space to store all your big stuff but want to hide other important goods -- jewelry, cash, spare credit cards -- then use this fake outlet that tilts out to reveal a small cavity for storing your valuables. You can purchase the kit from Jupiter Wholesale for easy installation and keep your small items safe while you're on the road.

Hiding Spot in the Top of a Door

If you are like me, you may not want to "see" the hiding spot where you are going to hide your secret agent information -- which is where this idea, straight out of a James Bond movie, comes in. Sean Michael Ragan shares an easy tutorial for hiding a cigar tube in the top of a hollow door on MakeProjects.com.