10 Surprising Hair Dryer Hacks

posted: 09/21/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Your hair dryer is probably in your bathroom just waiting to be used after your next shower, but after checking out these hair dryer hacks, you'll want to put that hair styling staple to work all over your house. Here's ten of our favorite ways to use your blow dryer that have nothing to do with your hair.

If you're feeling like the Cake Boss when decorating cookies or cakes with icing, try these two hacks. To quickly harden and set the icing, run your hair dryer over the icing on the cool setting. You can also brighten a dull glaze and give it shine by using the lowest warm setting.

If you have a picture that is stuck to a photo album or inside a frame, a few minutes of warm air on the back of the album or the frame will help you peel the photo free without damaging it.

Use your hair dryer to dust fake flowers, art work, or high shelves.

To get crayon marks off your walls, use the highest heat setting to melt the wax and quickly clean up the crayon with a clean sponge. This also works great for melted wax from a candle that gets on a table or floor.

Need to remove stickers or price tags? The hot setting will help remove the entire sticker so there's less work for you.

Got a new pair of shoes that are pinching your feet? Put on a thick pair of socks, slip on the shoes, and use the hot setting of your hair dryer on the spots that are tight. After a few minutes, your shoes will have a little extra wiggle room.

When you get out of the shower and your bathroom mirror is foggy, a quick blast of hot air from your hair dryer to clears the mirror and won't leave streaks marks on your mirror.

If you're in a hurry and your clothes are wrinkled, just spray a little water on your clothes and use the hot setting on your dryer to remove those pesky wrinkles.

Speed up drying time of your manicure or pedicure by using the cool setting of the hair dryer to set your nail polish quickly.

If you've found gum in your clothes or carpet, you can melt the gum with your hair dryer and quickly clean up the sticky mess.