10 Secrets to Avoiding Clutter

posted: 08/15/16
by: TLCme

You know what comes along with being a new mom? CLUTTER. Between wipes, toys, bottles, and clothes it's easy for your once pristine house to become one giant playpen. We know it can be overwhelming, but here are 10 of our very best secrets on how to cut down on clutter as new mom.

High Chair Overhaul
If you feel like your high chair and all its accoutrement that comes along with it (such as bibs and sippy cups) are taking over your kitchen, you're not alone. A simple way to consolidate is by attaching a plastic hook to the back of your high chair to hang your bibs. Not only does this leave more room in a kitchen drawer, but it also is easy access for when it's dinnertime for your little one.

Super Sponges
Another way to consolidate in the kitchen? Dual side sponges. By purchasing sponges that have both the soft and course sides, you'll save room at the sink by not having to purchase separate steel wool sponges.

Bath time Hacking
Bath time can be stressful enough without adding the extra layer of cleaning up and finding a place to put all of those floating toys. A simple hack? Put a laundry basket into the bathtub. Put both your baby and his or her toys into the basket--this keeps the toys from floating too far from your baby AND it's easy clean up! Simply lift the basket out of the tub, let the water drain and voila! Your toys are neatly stored for next time.

Squeegee Easy!
Speaking of bathrooms--cut down on linen closet clutter by keeping a squeegee in your shower. You'll save space and time by wiping down surfaces with a squeegee whenever you're showering.

Floor No More
Cutter can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes even after cleaning up, it can feel like there are small toy pieces scattered around the floor. An easy solution is to attach a stocking the hose of your vacuum. Dirt still gets sucked up, and every last piece of toy gets picked up to be put back in its place.

Toys, Toys, and more Toys
While we're on the subject--Possibly the easiest way to cut down on clutter as a new mom is by donating or giving old toys away as hand-me-downs. Infants grow out of toys quickly, and while you may want to keep a few extra special pieces, you can significantly cut clutter by occasionally clearing out your playroom as your child gets older.

Seasonal Savings
Save closet space by only keeping season-appropriate clothes out while storing everything else in your attic, basement, or coat closets. This way you have everything you'll need for the season without having to sift through a million items of clothing.

Car Caddies
One of the biggest clutter consumers when you become a mom is the car. An easy way to fix this is by hanging locker or shoe caddies on the back of the driver and passenger seats. You can keep snacks, coloring books, and toys all in one neat, organized place--and it's easy for your kids to put everything back when they're done!

Make It Routine
One of the only ways to cut down on clutter--and keep it that way--is by establishing a routine. Before you go to bed each night, try putting away and wiping down your kitchen counters. If you do it frequently, it will only take you a couple minutes every night. It's SO refreshing to come downstairs in the morning to a clean and organized kitchen.

Make it fun!
Last, but certainly not least--make clutter cutting fun! Try making a game out of playtime cleanup for your kids, or turn organization time into "me" time by listening to listening to your favorite audiobooks or podcasts.