10 of Celeste Barber’s Best Celebrity Instagram Parodies

posted: 04/27/16
by: Amanda Mushro

If you look at a celebrity's Instagram account you'll probably find glamorous pictures of amazing vacations, expensive clothing, and fabulous friends. They often depict a perfect life, even if the account's owner's life is far from it. Our favorite celebs are posting absolutely ridiculous and bizarre pictures of their lavish lifestyles while my Instagram is full of pictures of my kids and sometimes what I had for lunch--thrilling, right? We've already touched on Instagrammer, Celeste Barber, who is hilariously re-creating celebrities' over-the-top pictures but incorporating her normal, totally relatable life into the photos. And the results have the internet laughing right along with Celeste.

Using the hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted, the mother-of-two, who has close to 700,000 followers on Instagram, mocks everyone from the Kardashians to Justin Bieber and even Taylor Swift. So before you search for the perfect lighting for your next selfie, check out 10 of our favorite pictures from Celeste's Instagram account.

1. Looking glamorous next to a fancy car

2. A little PDA

3. I woke up like this. Really?

4. Hanging at the crib

5. Makeup contouring is easy

6. Be like Beyonce

7. Paddleboard yoga. Whoops!

8. It's all about the accessories

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9. Road trip!

10. Just like Kylie!