10 Must-Have Self-Care Products

posted: 11/23/16
by: TLCme

The holidays are a time of family, friends, food, and re-fueling. Take some time to rest, relax, and pamper yourself this season. Here are our top 10 must-have self-care products to help you feel your best!

A moisturizing face mask
The winter can be harsh on your face, so make sure you keep it pampered and hydrated with a rejuvenating face mask.

Eye cream
It's a stressful time leading up to the holidays, leading to a lack of sleep and those darn dark circles under your eyes. A nourishing eye cream can do wonders to your complexion.

Daily moisturizer
Be sure to take care of your skin every day by hydrating it with a daily moisturizer.

Body scrub
Exfoliate and your replenish your skin by using a body scrub infused with essential oils.

Bath bomb
Adding a bath bomb to your soak can take bath time to a whole new level of relaxation!

Face oil
Face oil calms the skin and helps repair wrinkles.

Hair maks
Your hair can get dried out with all of the blow drying and styling that happens during the winter/holiday season. Repair it with a hydrating and nourishing hair mask.

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean the sun isn't damaging your skin. Make sure you wear some kind of SPF every day for maximum skin protection.

Rose water face mist
Rose water can act as a toner for your skin. It helps minimize and tighten pores and hydrate and cleanse.

Scented candles
Scented candles can help calm your body and your mind and are the perfect cherry on top for any night of relaxation!