10 Mistakes Parents Make When Shopping For Kids’ Shoes

posted: 06/23/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
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    10 Mistakes Parents Make When Buying Kids' Shoes

    Shopping for children's shoes is Hard. Not only are they growing into a new size every couple of months, but styles (and favorite cartoon characters) go in and out of style in the blink of an eye. We talked to New York City based podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner, who shared the top mistakes parents make when it comes to their children’s feet.

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    Going Shoe Shopping in the Morning

    Feet actually fluctuate in size throughout the day. They’re smallest during the day largest towards the end of the day. Waiting until the end of the day to have your child try on their new shoes could save them from having to squeeze into too-tight sneakers later on.

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    Measuring Feet When The Child Is Sitting Down

    It’s very important to measure both the length and width of your child’s foot while they’re standing to get a true measurement.

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    Letting Them Wear Flat Shoes All Day

    Sneakers are the only shoes that kids can wear all day, problem-free. Rubber clogs, slip-ons, sandals, or any other flat shoes do not provide enough support or shock absorption for kids to play in all day.

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    Buying A Size Up To Make The Shoes Last Longer

    We’re all guilty of this sometimes, but if a kid’s shoe is too big, they could easily trip or develop foot problems later on from not getting proper support.

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    Not Measuring Often Enough

    Children’s feet grow extremely fast. Dr. Brenner recommends measuring your child’s feet every time you go shoe shopping, or at the very least, every few months.

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    Splurging On Name Brands

    The type of shoe is more important than the brand name.

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    Not Performing The "4 Tests"

    Dr. Brenner has 4 tests to determine if a shoe has adequate support. Ask yourself does the toe box bend slightly upward? Good. Can you bend the shoe in half like a burrito? Bad. Does it have good arch support? Great. Does it have a wide, chunky heel? Perfect.

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    Buying Shoes Too Early

    We know those tiny little converse are adorable, but the earliest that babies should start wearing shoes is 6 months, and they don’t really need them until they start walking.

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    Not Buying Hard Soled Shoes For Walking Babies

    Every baby is different, but Dr. brenner recommends hard soled shoes for babies learning to walk.

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    Not Recognizing The Symptoms Of Serious Foot Problems

    If your child has severe pain, if their heels don’t touch the ground after a long period of time, or if they often trip over themselves while walking, it could mean they have a condition that requires special attention.