10 Makeup Bags That’ll Totally Elevate Your Beauty Game

posted: 06/03/15
by: TLCme

You probably care a lot about the makeup you put on your face, so why not give it a nice, pretty home? A good makeup bag -- one that you can display proudly on your bathroom shelf or carry happily in your tote -- can really up your beauty product application game. Which is why you should treat yourself to a bag with a little bit of personality.

Good thing we've got 10 clutch bags just for you Check 'em out below and give your lipsticks and mascaras a stylish place to live.

1. Get your jet-set on, $33.

2. Embrace your glamorous side, $20.

3. Get dotty, $36.79.

4. Feel the florals, $6.90.

5. Go for the gold, $28.

6. Pug up, $10.20

7. Enjoy the ikat, $40.

8. Clutch the canvas, $39.

9. Keep things clear, $30

10. And finally, say how you really feel, $24.