10 Last Minute Non-Candy Items to Give Trick-or-Treaters

posted: 10/31/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Halloween Kids


It's officially Halloween and if you are expecting ghost, ghouls, and a few princess to visit your home tonight, then you need to be prepared. But what if you want to skip the giant bags of candy and offer trick-or-treaters a different kind of treat? With just a few hours before the big night, here's 10 kid -approved, non-candy treats that all trick-or-treaters will think are spooktacular!

  1. Spider rings- Who doesn't love a spooky spider ring? These fun pieces of jewelry are perfect for kids of all ages and are easy to find at any store. Since they usually come in large bags, you'll be able to give out lots of creepy rings.
  2. Coupons for free treats at a local restaurant- Once the excitement of eating Halloween candy is over, trick-or-treaters can use a coupon for a different kind of treat. Plus you are helping a local business so that's a win/win.
  3. Stickers- Halloween stickers are always a hit with younger kids and you won't break the bank filling up your former candy bowl with characters that kids love and Halloween themed stickers.
  4. Bubbles- Kids of all ages love a good bubble session and you can find miniature bottles perfect for trick-or-treaters. Grab a few packs of small bubbles--you can find a lot of these bottles in the wedding section of a party store.
  5. Mini bags of chips and pretzels- When little monster's moms are packing lunches tomorrow, they will be happy that you gave a salty snack. Load up on these inexpensive snacks from any grocery store on your way home tonight.
  6. Glow sticks- Light up the night with glow sticks! From necklaces, bracelets, and even wands, your house will be a hit of the neighborhood tonight.
  7. Slime- Since slime is all the rage with super heroes and monsters alike, stock up on small bottles of slime to pass out tonight.
  8. Halloween tattoos- Witches, skeletons, and even a few ghosts too, trick-or-treaters will love getting a few Halloween tattoos tonight.
  9. Play-Doh- Grab a few bags of mini canisters of play-doh to pass out tonight. You'll find lots of fun Halloween colors and even glitter play-doh, too.
  10. Halloween Erasers, Notebooks, Pencils- Kids can doodle, draw, and write about how awesome Halloween night was with these non-candy treats.