10 Genius Rubber Band Lifehacks

posted: 01/27/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Pile of multi colored rubber bands.

Rubber bands are handy when they keep all of your mail together or come wrapped around your produce bags. But if you've been tossing those rubber bands in your junk drawer, it's time to break them out and put them to work. From a way to hack a cell phone holder to keeping your precious wine glasses safe when washing, here's rubber hand hacks you'll want to try.

  1. If you're struggling to open a jar, you just need two rubber bands. Wrap one band around the bottle and the other around the lid to create a grip that makes opening even the most the most stubborn of lids simple
  2. No need to spend money on expensive cell phone holder in your car. Just wrap a rubber band around and air conditioner vent and your phone for a hands-free holder.
  3. Wrapping a rubber band around the top of a spoon will keep it from falling into your pot while cooking. This is also a great hack if you are cooking for someone with food allergies and you don't want to mix cooking utensils.
  4. If you have an interior door that tends to lock, wrapping two rubber bands around both doorknobs allows the door to still close but it won't lock. This is perfect if you have kids that are slamming doors that keep locking.
  5. Stop struggling to remove a stripped screw. Place a wide rubber band between the head of the screw and the screwdriver. The rubber band will fill the gaps and allow you to loosen the screw.
  6. Tired of sending sliced apples in your kid's lunchbox that are brown by lunchtime? In the morning, cut the apple, then hold the pieces back together on the core, and wrap a rubber band around the apple. When it's time to eat lunch, the apple will still look and taste fresh.
  7. Worried that your wine glasses will break in the washing machine? Use a rubber band to secure the stem to the side of the top rack. This helps keep the wine glass from moving and bouncing around inside the washing machine.
  8. Want to give yourself French manicure? Wrapping a rubber band around the top of your nail gives you the perfect stencil to paint only the top portion of your nail.
  9. Make any hanger a non-slip hanger so your clothes will never fall off by wrapping rubber bands around each side of the hanger.
  10. Make any slow cooker spill proof and travel-ready by securing the lid by wrapping two large rubber bands around the slow cooker and the lid.