10 Fun Themes, Games, and Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

posted: 04/14/15
by: Sarah Fernandez
10 Fun Themes Gender Reveal
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Get inspired for your gender reveal party.

A lot of things have changed over the past few decades when it comes to having a baby. Not only is there advanced medical technology, but a lot of expectant parents also know the gender of their baby. While most mothers-to-be have a baby shower to stock up on the necessities that are required when bringing home a baby, the latest trend for soon-to-be-parents is to also have a gender reveal party to tell their loved ones what the baby is going to be (other than a baby). Hey, any excuse to have a party, right? Gender reveal parties typically include both women and men and often the expectant couple has had the baby's gender sealed in an envelope and only given to a trusted person involved in the party planning so that they are also finding out the gender of their new baby along with the guests at the party.

Scratch Tickets

Everyone loves to find out what's underneath that metallic sheen on a scratch ticket. Etsy shop Enchanting By Design offers a series of scratch cards revealing whether "It's a boy!" or "It's a Girl!" with the ability to have the the cards customized with the parents' names or a special message. There is guaranteed to be a mad scramble to see who can scratch off the reveal the fastest and find out first.

Wear Your Guess

One of the most fun parts of a gender reveal party is seeing what everyone else thinks the baby is going to be. On the invitation instruct guests to where their best guess on their sleeve--literally--by dressing in pink if they think it's a girl or blue if they think it's a boy. It'll be clear who stands where using this fun idea.

Old Wives' Tale Games

There are many old wives' tales that are said to predict the gender of the baby and while some may seem far-fetched, they are a fun way to get guests involved before the big reveal. Have the parents-to-be answer a series of questions based on these theories, such as if the mom craving sweet or sour food items, if she's experienced morning sickness, and how fast the baby's heart beat is. Keep track of how many of the answers point to boy and how many point to girl. When the gender is announced, everyone will have a better idea of which old wives' tales may actually have some merit.

Bow or Beau?

When guests arrive at the party have them display their best guess at the baby's gender by donning a pin that shows whether they are on team bow or team beau. This theme can extend throughout the entire party with everything from photobooth props and straws to drink labels and cake toppers from Etsy shop GreySkiesBlue.

Sonogram Reading

It's not uncommon to hear people say that they knew the gender as soon as they saw the sonogram, but truth be told they aren't always right. Test the guests' ability to read the sonogram by putting it on display and having them vote for whether they think it's a boy or girl by putting their name on a slip of paper in a designated canister. Then read off the names of all who got it right or offer a prize to those people.

What Will It Bee?

The big question on everyone's mind when it comes to the baby is "What will it be?" so bee-inspired gender reveal parties are creating quite a buzz. You can interpret the theme with your own creations or buy a complete set of "What will it bee?" printables from Etsy shop RV Parties, which offers customizable invitations, banners, cupcake toppers, treat bags, and more.

Unwrap the Gender

One fun way to reveal the baby's gender is for the parents-to-be to go to a store and choose two baby outfits--one for a boy and one for a girl--and then hand the sealed envelope with their baby's gender in it to the store staff to have them wrap the appropriate outfit while they step away. At the party, the parents then open the gift in front of their guests to reveal whether the baby will be wearing pink or blue.

Surprise Cake Filling

One very popular way to reveal the gender of the baby is to provide the sealed envelope with the results to the local bake shop and have them create a cake that is neutral on the outside but offers a pink or blue cake or frosting layer when cut. If cake isn't your thing, it can also be done with cookies or cupcakes.

Let it Out!

Another fun way to let the cat out of the bag -- or, should we say, the balloon out of the box -- is to bring a large box to the party supply shop and give them the sealed envelope so they can fill the box with balloons representing the gender of the baby. When it's time for the big reveal, the couple can lift the lid on the box and pink or blue balloons will fly out of it revealing the baby's gender. Many people like to do this outside, but we recommend keeping this one indoors as releasing balloons into the atmosphere is not good for wildlife.

Piñata Reveal

What's a party without a piñata? Fill the pinata with pink or blue confetti or candies and then either allow just the parents-to-be to have at it or allow all of the guests to take a turn trying to expose the baby's gender. Just don't require the baton swingers to wear a blindfold as is typical with breaking open a piñata as it's no fun to be the only who doesn't see the big reveal.