10 Easy Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Toddler

posted: 07/13/18
by: Amanda Mushro

Baby, it's hot outside, but you know that your toddler simply can't stay inside all day. They have energy to burn! However, as the temperature rises, it can be harder for your toddler and you to find some relief from the heat. So if you are looking to cool down and have a little extra summer fun, here are ten kid-friendly activities to beat the heat this summer.

  1. Create a DIY sprinkler- Using a plastic bottle, tape, and a hose, your little one can splash around in a sprinkler you made in just a few minutes. This one is so fun, you'll want to run through it too!


  1. Make you own water table- Turn large plastic bins into water tables that you can fill up with toys, ice, bubbles, and if you are up to it--make a little mud. When your kids are done playing, dump out the water and start the fun over again tomorrow.


  1. Frozen Paint Cubes- Fill up ice cube trays with a water and water-based paint mixture and pop in a popsicle stick. Place the tray in the freezer and when the cubes are frozen, take them outside to paint. This cool project is fun and it easy to clean up.


  1. Ice block treasure hunt- This one will keep kids cool and entertained for hours! Freeze their toys into a large block of ice. Then let kids break up the ice or make it melt to free the toys. For younger toys, let them use water guns and their own tools to break the ice.


  1. Make a "car wash"- Who knew PVC piping is so versatile? Create a base with the piping, poke holes in the piping, add a few pool noodles and water from the hose and your kids will have a water toy they will want to play in all summer long.


  1. Homemade Popsicles- Cool down with a sweet treat that you and your toddler make together.


  1. Water Balloons- Who doesn't love a good water balloon in the summer? Fill up a few balloons and put a few in the freezer. Then head outside to play so your little one can roll, toss, and play with the balloons.


  1. DIY a Water blob- These crazy water blobs are all over social media. Here's how you can make your own.

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  1. Make your own water slide- Grab a large tarp, hose, a kid ready to play and you have a DIY water slide every kid will want to play with.

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  1. Water gun painting- Fill up a few water guns with water and paint and take your toddler outside to get creative. They can paint on craft paper or even the grass. This easy activity is serious summer fun.