10 Brilliant Smartphone Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier

posted: 03/30/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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  • Is your phone like another appendage?
    Is your phone like another appendage?
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    Tips You'll Use All the Time

    Seriously, what would we do without our Smartphones? Our phones keep us connected, keep us entertained, and make our life a little easier every day. I use my phone so much that I start to get nervous when it's in another room charging. So just when you thought you couldn't love your smartphone more, here are ten smartphone hacks that will make your life easier and have you saying "How did I not know this?"

    Head's up: Though a few of these are iPhone-specific, there are plenty of other tips that will help any smartphone user.

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    Get a faster connection

    If you're away from your Wi-Fi and your phone has a poor internet connection, flip your phone into airplane mode for a few seconds. When you turn airplane mode off, your phone will automatically connect to the nearest cell tower and your phone will start connecting faster.

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    Share your location

    The next time someone asks "Where are you?" simply go into Google Maps, press down and hold anywhere on the map to drop a pin. Tap the pin and select "Share" on the right, then Message. You can also tap "copy to clipboard" and paste that unique URL link into a text.

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    Use ALL CAPS

    Are you really excited and need to show your excitement by typing in ALL CAPS? When the keyboard is open, double tap the shift key to turn it into the caps lock key.

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    Get a faster charge

    Need to charge your phone in a hurry? Switch your phone to airplane mode and your phone will change twice as fast.

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    Take a better selfie

    Get the perfect selfie by using your headphones instead of a selfie stick. Just click the volume button on the remote on your earbuds while in camera mode. Say "cheese."

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    Find photos quickly

    Looking for a picture someone sent you in a text message ages ago? No need to keep scrolling! Just go to the text conversation, hit "details" at the top right of the contact name, and you'll see all the attachments you've ever sent to and from that person. How awesome is this trick?

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    Save battery when using GPS

    If you need directions to your next destination but you don't want to drain your phone's battery, take a screenshot of the directions and then turn off location services to save that precious battery.

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    Get better sound

    If you're having a hard time hearing the alarm on your phone in the morning or maybe you need a makeshift speaker for a dance party at your house, this hack is for you. Just place your phone in a large cup and you'll be shocked at how much it amplifies the sound.

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    Leave a group conversation

    Need to make a quick escape out of a group text that you keep getting notifications for? Just open the group text and tap "Details." Then select "Leave this conversation." Ahhh, sweet silence again.

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    Create your own shortcuts

    Autocorrect can sometimes leave hilarious mistakes, but autocorrect can be used to save you time with this hack. Create a shortcut for words you often type, so maybe your kids' names or a web address. Just go to Settings, hit "General," find "Keyboard," and scroll down to where it says "Shortcuts." Create your shortcuts for those frequently typed words.