10 Boot Hacks You’ll Want to try This Fall

posted: 09/20/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Black boots and colourful autumn leaves
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Black boots and colourful autumn leaves

Fall weather means jeans, sweaters and a fabulous pair of boots. So if you're pulling out your fall fashions and kicking your sandals to the back of your closet to make room for your boots and booties, here's 10 boot hacks to help with the comfort, upkeep, and style of your favorite boots.

If your feet are getting sweaty and stinky in your boots, roll or spray deodorant onto your feet to stop the sweating. This is also a great way to prevent blisters on your feet too.

To help keep the shape of your boots when they're in your closet, cut a piece of pool noodle to fit the height of the boot. The noodle helps to keep your boots upright, maintains their shape, and saves precious closet space.

If your rain boots are starting to lose their color, quickly restore the color and shine by rubbing olive oil onto your boots. It's so easy, and you'll be shocked at how great this hacks makes old boots look.

If you need a faster way to dry out wet boots, stuff newspaper inside the boots. You may have to change the paper a few times, but the newspaper with soak up the water and won't damage your boots.

Think your leather boots are ruined by water or salt? You can save them by cleaning your boots with white vinegar and a soft cloth. Just buff the stains away to make your leather boots look like new.

Are your jeans bunching under your boots? Here's a quick fix: pull the bottom fabric of your jeans to one side, then fold the cuff of your jeans. Finish by pulling your socks up and over your jeans to keep the cuff intact. Instant skinny jeans!

You may have seen those high sweater socks that are perfect for high boots, but you can hack your own for free. Snip off the sleeves off an old sweater and slide them over your socks for the same effect without the cost.

Have an adorable pair of booties that are killing your feet? Tape your third and fourth toes together with medical tape. Turns out, there's a nerve located directly between these two toes, and wrapping these toes helps minimize pain.

Did you shrink a cute pair of leggings and now they are too small? Repurpose the leggings by cutting them off below the knee and pulling them over your socks. You can cuff or bunch the material over your boots for a chic pop of color above your boot.

Keep yourself from slipping and sliding in your new boots by scratching up the bottom of the shoes with sandpaper.