10 Accessories Every Woman Should Own

posted: 03/17/16
by: Katie Morton
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    Upgrade Your Look

    Accessories are a fashionista’s best friend! And the right accessory can make an otherwise basic outfit achieve runway status. With limitless options, how do you know what the right accessories are? Have no fear, here’s our list of ten accessories all women should have in their closet. From handbags to sunglasses, we promise these ideas will elevate any outfit.

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    Modern Pearls

    There's a reason pearls are a classic. Our moms wore them, our grandmothers wore them--you may even have a hand-knotted strand that was passed down to you on your wedding day. The modern take on pearls is to add a dose of whimsy, like this one from Elisa Ilana. Multi-stranded or oversized baubles are a fresh take on this classic necklace.

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    Colorful Patterned Scarf

    A colorful printed scarf accents your outfit with personality and flair. In the winter, a cashmere or wool scarf adds warmth. Whereas in warmer months, a lighter material such as silk adds polish. Prints, floral or just a bold color are all fashionable ways to enhance your outfit. Stores like Anthropologie (where you can find the one pictured) carry a variety of options.

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    Statement Necklace

    Bold necklaces are a hot trend and a unique way to dress up an outfit. From colorful stones to dramatic detailing, chose a piece that appeals to your aesthetic and sense of style.

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    Classic Watch

    A classic watch, like this one from Nixon, is more than just a timepiece; it's a timeless way to add sophistication. A rose gold metal band is a popular, modern choice. A leather band is a more casual choice, but just as stylish. Square faces add a masculine edge and dress up suits and business attire. While an oversized, round face is fun for casual weekends.

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    Structured Handbag

    A structured bag with clean lines will never go out of style. Look for a medium to large bag so you have room for your day-to-day essentials. A neutral color is elegant, whereas primary colors are on-trend and fresh for spring. Look for a bag with a top handle as well as a detachable strap to expand your options for carrying this piece.

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    Perfect Sunglasses

    A killer pair of shades are a year-round must. Classic frames such as aviators are always chic, while oversized frames lend an air of mystery. Fair-haired women look amazing in a tortoise shell frame paired with a softer grey lens, while brunettes look stunning in black-on-black.

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    Diamond Studs

    You don't have to spend a million bucks to feel like an heiress. Whether real or faux, diamond studs add sparkle to everything from a t-shirt to a cocktail dress. A beautiful pair of diamond studs lights up your face and makes you feel gorgeous. The ones in the photo are cubic zirconia, and only cost $16 on Overstock.com.

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    An Evening Clutch

    For weddings, special events or date night, your evening clutch will be your go-to accessory. A metallic clutch adds a shot of glam to your look. For a cocktail friendly accessory, look for a clutch small enough to hold with one hand, but large enough to hold your ID, cards, lipstick, keys and phone.

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    Delicate Fine Jewelry

    Statement jewelry has its place, but a delicate pendant on a fine silver or gold chain can be worn every day. Look for one with a significant meaning to you--engraved pendants or birthstone drops are gorgeous, classic choices, like this one from ShopCDahl.

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    Basic Black Pumps

    Basic black is far from boring when it comes to a pump. These shoes compliment dresses, jeans and skirts--there's a reason this fashion favorite has stood the test of time. Find a medium heel you can walk in, and invest in a solid leather that'll stand the test of time. For a modern version, choose a different texture, like this reptile look from Nine West.

    Fashion is about self-expression and feeling your most fabulous! Have fun finding the perfect accessories to elevate your outfit and make you feel stunning.