1 Simple Hack That’ll Keep Your Closet Organized All Year Long

posted: 04/13/16
by: Ashley Lauretta
woman in closet

Spring cleaning is underway and everywhere you turn, there are tips for cleaning the main areas in your house--but what about your closet? With the change in season comes a change in wardrobe, so it's the perfect time to give your closet a refresh (Estee Lalonde did!). And with the trend of living simpler and in smaller spaces on the rise, you may be able to let go of some things you've been holding on to for too long.

Step 1: Sort your clothes
The simple trick to organizing your closet starts first by separating your clothes into fall/winter (think bulky sweaters and jackets) and spring/summer (think dresses and flowy tops). There will be some clothes that are evergreen and can be worn all year-round, so identify those when separating your clothes.

Once you have clear categories for your clothes, pack away those fall/winter pieces in a tub and keep it in your closet for easy access once the weather changes again in September or October. Then, get ready to hang your spring/summer looks and evergreen items in your closet.

Ready for the life hack?
It's a total game-changer. When hanging your clothes, you want to have the hanger facing the opposite direction (in other words, reverse it so that the opening of the hanger goes around the back of the closet rod). As you take something out, wear it, wash it and then return it to the closet, you then hang it the correct way (or, with the opening facing the front of the closet rod). At the end of the spring/summer season, donate any clothes that are still on hangers that are still facing reverse.

You can easily repeat this hack every season. As you buy new clothes, you eliminate the chance of overcrowding (too many clothes is a real thing, we promise) and keep your wardrobe fresh. After you do the initial sorting, doing this each season means the process will go more quickly every few months, meaning you won't end up with everything in a pile on your bedroom floor while you try to decide if you really need that tank top you rediscovered in the back of your closet. You can't remember the last time you wore it but you could decide to wear it again, right?

This trick works for shoes, as well; just have them facing with the feet toward you when you place them in your closet and as you wear them, turn them the other way. Scarves on hangers can be sorted with this method, too.