This Parent Was Amazed By What Happened After a Traffic Stop

posted: 04/06/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

This story helps prove that not all traffic stops lead to tickets.

This parent's special story starts around the holiday season when they were pulled over because their two young boys were not in car seats. The parent explained their unique situation to the officer and was later surprised by a random act of kindness.

"My answer was the two little boys were my foster sons who I had just got the night before," the parent wrote on a Facebook post shared by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. "I showed him paper work and explained to him that when I got them they had the clothes they were wearing and that is about it."

The parent recounted that this "very nice" man asked them for their phone number. Soon after, the parent received a call from the officer's wife. After that, something a little bit bigger.

Officer Tidwell met the parent bearing gifts not just for the foster kids, but for the older son, as well. The parent documented this moment with a photo that was attached to the post.

"I can not thank him enough for the kindness he has shown these three boys," the parent wrote. "I never asked him for anything. He and his wife acted out of the kindness of their hearts."